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Should there be a vaccine to prevent Stupidity?

Asked by BratLady (993points) August 18th, 2010

I know you can’t fix Stupid, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could?

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It would be nice.

I’d settle for a tattoo on their foreheads, though.

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There is, they are called condoms.

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The downside would be much lower attendance at county fairs, layoffs at the local social service departments and as a plus, much less crowding at Walmarts.

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Depends on what you’re definition of “stupid” is. According to some, “stupid” = “not in agreement with me”.

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I think they get voted into office

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@Hawkeye Welcome to fluther. Loved your TV show.

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HA! No. We need stupidity to balance the world out. Too many good things might cause the world to combust. Actually, I like to believe people can overcome their stupidity. It may sound naive, but a little naivety can be a positive thing.

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No, Congress should make it a Law…. oh, but there would be no Congressmen left!

@Hawkeye LOL touche!

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If there no stupid people, how would we know when someone was bright?

Oh, that sounds stupid.

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But it provides so much comedy and laughter!

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It would be so boring without stupid people… we’d have nothing to talk about, otherwise.

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@troubleinharlem exactly my point ;-)

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DominicX~ my definition of stupid is not someone who disagrees with me but someone who does not have any common sense. If a person disagrees that means they have enough sense to use their brain to form their own opinion.

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Your answer made me laugh BoBo1946~

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Oh! I would send a few in-laws in for a shot ASAP :)

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we need stupid people for Bio-Diversity…

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Eh, it would be convienient, but sometimes I like having stupid people doing stupid things for laughs, or having them around so I don’t have to put too much effort in pulling pranks when I’m feeling lazy.

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Tomorrow night on Ow! My Balls!.....


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The solution is to be proactive in fostering literacy, intelligence and good sense. I am not convinced current social and educational policies come close to achieving this goal.

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Yes, I know a few people that need that shot.

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