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To dog owners, have you seen your dog dreaming?

Asked by woodcutter (16327points) August 18th, 2010

Like they’ll be laying there sleeping suddenly softly bark and they move their legs, and then it stops. Think we should wake her up?

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The poor angels; I see our male squeaking and wiggling and I wake him up.

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Yes! That just happened three days ago. My border collie was kicking his legs, making noises with his mouth, and jumping occasionally. I thought of waking him up but then decided it would be better to leave him alone. It was fun to watch while it lasted anyway.

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Sadie only barks in her sleep!

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Ha, this one is the first we’ve seen doing that so wasn’t sure if there was some sort of problem. I hope they are pleasant dreams. I can’t think of any experiences she would’ve had that might kick off a nightmare.

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When my little cocker spaniel/dachshund Daisy dreams, she sort of runs in her sleep. It’s funny to watch, but she shakes herself awake when she does it.

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Oh yes! My little Boston Terrier is a dreaming machine! He’s only 11 or 12 weeks old so sometimes he’ll suckle in his sleep. Sometimes he growls, barks or whimpers. And then sometimes he wiggles and “runs”. I’d say that I can tell he’s dreaming about 70–75% of the time that he’s asleep.

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It’s very normal. All dogs dream like this. No need to wake her up. My dog does this all the time, and so has all my past dogs and every other dogs I know of. I like it when they do, It makes me feel they’ve had a good day and that they are sleeping well.

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Absolutely. She appears to be galloping merrily wimpering as she goes, sooooo cute. Never wake them up, why spoil a good dream?

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Its so cute when they twitch in their sleep or wimper or whatever, but nothing beats this

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Both of my dogs are funny when they dream. My husky moves his legs like he is running- sometimes annoying me while I sleep.
And my corgi softly growls; I like to think she’s growling at squirrels.

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All dogs I have even know have what I call “cat dreams.”

Every hear the expression, “Let sleeping dogs lie?”

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Yes, I see my dog’s legs going in her sleep like she’s running. I imagine she’s having fun chasing squirrels so I leave her alone.

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Yes, my dogs do it all the time. One of them also does a high pitched barking noise, and the other one will sometimes howl.
I think it is hilariious. I just leave them to it… never wake them up.

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well my dog parks and runs into the wall. is ometimes video tape it. its soo funny

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From what I understand, it is best not to disturb their sleep unless they are having a night terror which engulfs their entire body and includes heavy twitching andvocalizations.

For those rare occasions, it is recommended that you make a large or abrupt noise to wake them up, rather than approaching them or calling their name. I have found an easy technique is to wad up a sheet of paper… works every time!

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