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How exactly does a paperback book get so damaged that its automatically returned to the seller by the post office?

Asked by delirium (13718points) March 24th, 2008

I just received this e-mail from a place I was buying a second copy of one of my favorite books from (So that I could re-read and highlight as I wanted without feeling guilty.)
Dear Sara,

Your book order “Basic Instinct: The Genesis of Behavior” was damaged during delivery and returned to us.Unfortunately we do not have another copy currently. We are refunding you in full. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you for shopping Goodwill Easter Seals.

Sincerely, Michael
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Goodwill Easter Seals

Now…. how does that happen? What will they do with the book now? Should I e-mail them and say that I don’t mind it being imperfect? It really bothers me that they’re throwing away a book.

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Just ask the throwers, I mean… package handlers.

There also a chance it was exposed to water.

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Water was the only thing that I could think of that would really really hurt a book. I don’t care so much if its a little warpy though.
Maybe I should e-mail them. Hmm

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or fire. That could make a mess.

Anyhoo… You could email and ask if you could have a discount.

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I… hadn’t thought of fire…. but i’d be highly impressed if it had happened.

I’m not really looking for a discount. I just want the book, and don’t want such a good book to be wasted.

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Did you ever see the movie “Castaway?” Maybe Tom Hanks is using it for a pillow in the Rockies.

And part of me doubts that they would have sent it back if it was damaged. Maybe the people you bought it from realized that they didn’t have it and took the easy way out.

</ cynicism>

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That may be cynical… but it also may be true. I hadn’t thought of that. We’ll see by their response. Hopefully they’ll reply soon because I really want it to get here.

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Powell’s has the book for $13.25 used if you really want it. I’m sure it isn’t hard to find but I like their name. And I have spent way to many hours in that bookstore.

The Book

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@delirium Genesis – that says it all—grin

Lighten up stuff happens

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