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What is the highest you have ever been?

Asked by flutherother (30684points) August 18th, 2010

I was thinking of plain old altitude but you could take it to mean overdosing on illegal substances if you like.

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3 883 m (12 740 ft) on “Klein Matterhorn” on a vacation to Zermatt, Switzerland.

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Six feet one.

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About 5’7.5”higher with heels;)

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Somewhere in Colorado a couple years ago, the elevation was around 10,000–11,000 something.

I can’t remember the name but this mountain was amazing, a 360 degree panoramic view.

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All these US measurement units make me dizzy

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My highest would be around 8,000 feet when skiing in the Alps, unless you count flying when I reached 50,000 feet.

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I live at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I can get to 7000 feet in less than an hour.

Not walking…driving. lol

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Rocky Mountain National Park is really close to where I live, so in about 45 minutes I can be at over 12,000 feet. On a paved road! So sosososososo pretty.

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C’mon, guys, has nobody flown? At least 37,000 ft for me.

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Okay…true, flying would be the highest I have ever been…hmmm..flew 13 hours to Taiwan last March but don’t remember the elevation announcements.

All I know is the Pacific is one huge ocean and my plane didn’t fall into it over 6000 miles. Whew!~ lol

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I am with Jillthe tooth on this one. 37,000 ft.

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I just had to put that in cuz I’ve never been mountaineering or really into drugs either. But, hey, couldn’t let a chance for a quip to go by!

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@JilltheTooth oh snap! good one :D

About 12,000 ft. in Colorado.

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@jonsblond : Love the avatar! Still get the willies from that one…;-)

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@JilltheTooth thank you! My husband (Blondesjon) and I match our avatars. Not many people are getting the connection with the two we have right now. We like to keep you all guessing. ;)

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@jonsblond : Just looked at his, not seeing the connection. Damn. I’m not as clever as I thought!

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summit, Mt. Washington, then there was that time in Baumholder.

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I love everything about this question. I hope someone’s answer involves both options.

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When I announced to my friends and family I was engaged.

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I completley forgot!

I took my daughter on a hot air balloon ride for her 21st B-Day the year before last.

Talk about a HIGH!

I have never had so much fun in my life!

Champagne at sunrise, ( and plenty of it ) and cruising waaay up in the sky , a double high!

We were up for over an hour, I never wanted that balloon to come down.

Varying heights from a few hundred feet up to about 1200–2000

Amazing, exhilarating and scary all at once.

Once the champagne worked it’s magic I felt much more ‘grounded.’ haha

Racing balloonists often cruise at 10 thousand feet!

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Mt. Elbert: 14,433 feet.

There was also a four-day weekend in Amsterdam to see String Cheese Incident. This one may be a tie.

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International flights
All over the Alps (the Zugspitze stands out in my mind)

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Pikes Peak at 14,115. But every time I hear my kids say “thanks Dad you are the best” I am flying higher than high!!

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Forty-something-thousand feet, on a transatlantic flight.

Highest I’ve been with my feet still on the ground was at a particular party while I was in university…

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