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Do you prefer honesty or dishonesty?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) August 18th, 2010

Would rather that someone be completely honest with you, even to the point where it hurt, or would you rather that someone didn’t tell you the whole truth so that it wouldn’t hurt as much?

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What I want to know is why people want dishonesty…....

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Complete honesty, always, no matter what the situation or circumstance.

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Give me bullshit or give me nothing. ;)

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Complete honesty

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Complete Honesty.

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Half n half! Come on people. Be honest with your answers. The truth sucks when it hurts. Even though the truth might be best. Who likes to hear it?

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@gypsywench I have heard many truths I did not want to hear, and I appreciated every word.

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I would love the whole truth, If my butt looks big in those pants. Well tell me before I make a ass out of myself.

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The truth hurts, but being lied to hurts worse. been there, done that

I want honesty. Always!

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Honesty! I know the truth hurts sometimes, but you can’t fix things if you don’t know there is a problem (for things that can be fixed). I’d never want someone to withhold something from me just because it may hurt me.

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one hundred percent brutal honesty.
Why would I want to base aspects of my life on false truths?

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Give me the truth, straightforward and honest. That does not require or justify meanness.
That is what others can expect from me.

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I prefer the truth no matter how hard or painful it is.

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I want honesty… always. Maybe the truth hurts, but I would hate lies.
Likewise I am always honest with others.

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Honesty…where does dishonesty every do you any favours? (except for sparing your feelings sometimes). If i look stupid in an outfit i’d rather someone tell me so that i don’t go around believing i look ok and go out in public and have everyone think “ummm….what was she thinking?!”. Anyway, silly example, but there it is. Dishonesty just doesn’t do you any favours in the end, not that i can think of now anyway.

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Honesty, i hate liars and when someone lies to me it hurts more than the truth.

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