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Why do women have orgasms?

Asked by Fleurco (1points) August 18th, 2010

What procreative reasons are there for this

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When a women has an orgasm, the fluids help facilitate the sperm getting to the egg (it’s easier for the sperm to “swim” in the extra fluid). The contractions of the muscles also help propel the sperm to the egg.

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Perhaps God knows,I only know that women are the only female animals to experience orgasm…

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What @Seaofclouds said, exactly.

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It’s the devil in them, isn’t it? It has to be.
To answer your question, we don’t know the answer to that – there is no relationship between how ‘orgasmic’ a woman is and her reproductivity, so to speak.

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Just for the fun of it.

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Besides what @Seaofclouds said, anything that motivates a creature to have sex is a procreative advantage. And orgasms are good motivation. :)

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I remember someone asked “why does sex feel good?” in my 6th grade sex ed class. My teachers answer was that people wouldn’t do it if it didn’t. The female orgasm could just be another “motivation” to procreate.

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like they say about why dogs lick them selves- “Because they can”.

From a Darwinian perspective, orgasm/pleasure makes a woman more eager to have sex and propagate the species.

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As I understand it, the leading theory on the evolutionary advantage is that women who have orgasms are likely to want sex even when they’re not ovulating, which is a motivation for the father of their children to stick around and protect them and their offspring. A woman who has a man to help defend her children is more likely to have her children survive than a woman without a man, so there is a definite evolutionary advantage as far as the survival of their genes to future generations.

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@gorillapaws Can I get a link? I searched around and I found no leading theories other than it’s unclear as to why.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I heard that on an episode of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe but there’s over 200 episodes, so I can’t really be more specific about which episode it was unfortunately.

It makes sense though that 2 people protecting a child will be more successful than just one on the aggregate over millions of years.

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To make them want to do it again. If sex didn’t feel so good, the human race would die out.

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As I understand it, women have orgasms to make them have a positive response to having sex so they can up their chances of getting impregnated. I’ve read the contractions also aid in getting sperm into the uterus but I don’t know if I believe that because it seems by nature a male ejaculating first isn’t going to have much left to give to get a female to orgasm after his is over.

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