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How can i learn how to play tennis?

Asked by waternight1029 (10points) August 18th, 2010

how can i

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Do you have any friends who know how to play? Because the easiest way to learn is practice. You’re going to need a racket, balls and access to a court (obviously.) My best friend took a course at her college – you could do the same at a community college or center – and lessons with her boyfriend (who has played tennis since he was in high school.) She thought she would struggle at the beginning, but having those one-on-one sessions with someone who both knew how to play and enjoyed it, really improved her ability in a short amount of time.

Learn by doing. If you want to play tennis, go play :)

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Join a tennis club or find lessons at the community college or local Park and Recreation department.

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There are lots of places, through city parks, adult ed programs, colleges, etc. that offer affordable lessons. Even tennis clubs and centers allow non-members to take lessons. In addition to USTA league tennis, most cities have recreation leagues through the parks departments. You may want to start out playing doubles, either with a friend as a partner, or with someone you meet in a class.

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You know this sounds odd. I practiced against the garage door. My friend and I would go on weekend and play. It helped me with my swing.

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honestly tennis is all about practice and doing so atleast twice a week or more. Get a tennis instructor and have them help you develop your swing and especially your serve. And if you wanna be good, you must be serious. It took me 3 years of high skool to get good. But then again all i did was mess around at practice and try to hit cars for the first 3 years.

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tennis LESSONS.

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