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Will Ray Ban fix my broken sunglasses?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) August 18th, 2010

My sister kindly took my sunglasses with out asking, sat on them and broke one of the arms on the sunglasses. The sunglasses I have are; My sister sat on the sunglasses unintentionally, and the arms being very fragile broke. So I was wondering if Ray Ban will fix my sunglasses. A lot of people tell me that I should buy a new pair because Ray Ban doesn’t repair. The sunglasses aren’t level when placed on a table. I honestly don’t know what the problem is, I tried to hammer it back to normal. Please give me your thoughts on this. Thank you for the help! :o)

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Actually, a funny thing is, you can purchase a warranty/insurance for Ray Bans to get them replaced or repaired. However, in your situation, you’re better off just getting new ones, and never letting them off your person.

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You actually used a hammer on sunglasses? no wonder they are out of shape. just buy another pair. its not worth the hassle.

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First your sister sat on them, and then you hammered them?? And you want Ray-Ban to fix them? I’m not seeing a faulty product here…

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Take your friends advice and just buy new ones and make sure you take better care of them.

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Or buy knock-offs. Sunglasses are like umbrellas. Never spend more on them than you are willing to lose.

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Ray-Ban does do repairs. Here is the link. There is a non-refundable processing fee of $12.50, and once they receive them, they will contact you with the cost of repair. If your glasses are under warranty, it might be worth it to send them in.

Why not call their toll-free number and let them know the situation? They can advise you on the best route to take.

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Uh, what does Ray Ban say about it? Try calling their 1–800 number, or visit their site: here

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@zenele lol, read the post above yours.

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We must’ve synch-fluthered.

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