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Should I get a screen protector for my iPhone 4?

Asked by apleman (6points) August 18th, 2010

I just got an iPhone 4 and I was wondering if I should get a screen protector for it. I’ve heard that they make the retina display uglier and it collects dust around the edges. Did you put screen protectors on your previous iPhones? Where they fine in your pocket? Is it really worth it?

I never drop my phones so just wondering if the screen is strong enough to resist some scratches.

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Yes. Get one. Just in case.

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@papayalily I’ve been thinking about it for a while but my friend’s just looks awful. I want to admire the beautiful retina display and the screen is covered in oily fingerprints and even looks bumpy. I’ll think about it bout I really don’t want to. But last thing I’d want is to scratch my phone.

The back is protected by a case BTW.

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@apleman A screen cover isn’t going to collect any more fingerprints than the phone will – it’s not like the screen can’t get prints without a cover. Also, if it’s bumpy, it wasn’t applied correctly. Maybe the reason it looks like crap is because it’s a cheap cover. But which is worse: A slightly crappier res, or a screen with a permanent gash in it?

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@superneil21 I would get that but I already have a case for the back and sides. I just need front.

@papayalily Actually the iPhone is covered with an olephobic coating that resists oil. The screen had waay less fingerprints on it before. The bumpyness is called the “orange peel effect” and is always there wether or not applied perfectly. This is what it looks like. But I guess you’re right. I’ll get it incase. But I was hopping the new gorilla glass would be able to prevent lots of scratches. Whatever, I guess i’ll have to buy one then :(

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