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Can I negotiate on the price quoted for the cabinets?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) August 18th, 2010

What are the rules of etiquette here?
Do I have any power over what I pay?

As some of you know already, I am planning on getting new kitchen cabinets. I’ve gotten three quotes so far – one from the local lumber company [best cabinets], one from Lowe’s [ok cabinets], and one from a surplus warehouse [unfinished cabinets, cheapest].

I really like the cabinets at the local lumber company, and they quoted me 7600. Lowe’s quoted me 4300. What type of leeway can I make?

I don’t know the ins-and-outs of this type of life event, and I’m looking for someone else’s experience!

Thank you~

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In order to negotiate, you have to start with apples to apples. Get two more quotes comparable to the quality of the cabinets from the lumber company and go from there. Starting with three disparate quotes is like saying, “When I go to college, I’m either going to Harvard or the community college.” To negotiate with someone on price when there’s a quality difference is not the way to go.

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It takes two to negotiate. You may attempt to negotiate, or bargain, any price with any purveyor at any time. The down side is, the seller might just blow you off and walk away.

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There is almost always some wiggle room, but I’d definitely follow @BarnacleBill‘s advice and get a couple of comparable quotes. There are other ways to bargain, too, like paying in cash up front or offering to buy cabinets and flooring from them. Any work you could do that will help them out (demo?) might cut your price, too.

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Thank you :)

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