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Do you wish upon the falling stars or comets?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 18th, 2010

Just wondering dose everyone wish on falling stars or on comets? I do, I wish for love, my mom to find a good man, (she deserves it for all that she’s been through) money to help save wolves and give to the homeless, I wish for a lot of things honestly. Do you wish on stars or comets, if you do what do you wish for and why?

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I have never seen a shooting star before. There are too many lights on at night where I live. One summer I will travel somewhere remote where I can watch the Perseid meteor shower. However, I do make wishes all the time. On good ol’ twinkling stars, birthday candles, pennies tossed in fountains, lucky pennies picked off the floor, etc.

I can’t tell you what I wish. If I do it won’t come true ;)

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I do! Unfortunately I can’t tell you any of my wishes or they won’t come true:)

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@muppetish I’ve been doing it since I was a child. shhhhhh Don’t tell anyone your wishes! lol

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Okay let me re-edit this question lol XP

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I still do, and will continue to do so, until the day I die. :)

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I did see a meteor shower last thursday night, in Greece, where it can be really really dark still.
They were the Perseids, if i am not wrong.
Together with my girlfriend we were laying on the beach and waited for things to happen, and boy did we see lots of nice ‘shooting stars’.
But most of them we didn’t see together in the same instance she looks left, i look right, which is, if i am correctly informed, a condition to make wishes come true?
And usually i am too late to think my wish, i am mostly so stunned by the beauty of it that my thinking part of my brain has trouble to start.

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@rebbel damn….I always see that as a beautiful picture…I mean I always wanted to have a girlfriend and watch the stars fall on us, over the flawless night sky. I can just imagine me and my other just snuggling under the stars wishing upon them….Lucky that it happened to you. I wish you the best with her.

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I only wish I could see them in my neighborhood. Too bright.

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If I see them I do. I’m always looking for something to wish upon!

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Yes I do..If I see one. I wished for my daughter to grow up a fine young lady.

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Nope. I wish for things, but not on stars.

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I use to wish on stars but i find it pointless now. I just sit on the roof and breath the peaceful night air. I look at the stars and instead of wishing for things i think about what i got. I think about the past, i think about the bad things in this world, and i think about anything else that comes to mind. If nobody else is home i will sing a beautiful but sad and somehow peaceful song. The wolf song. ArooooOOO

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Thank you, @Vincent_Lloyd , that is very kind of you, and i am sure that in the future you’ll have the same experience!

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I wish on them when I see them. My wishes vary from time to time depending on what’s going on. Right now, all my wishes are centered around my husband.

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I’ve never seen one. My eyesight isn’t good enough for me to see stars at all.

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Sure, for what it’s worth.

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