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Did the Snow Leopard Graphics Update just break TF2?

Asked by brotherhume (373points) August 19th, 2010

I just downloaded the Snow Leopard “Graphics Update” that is supposed to fix Portal and TF2 graphics but when I turned on TF2, I clicked a few things in the options menu and suddenly the screen turned black with weird stripes. The cursor was a black box. I had to force turn off computer. I’m on a MacBook Pro. TF2 ran fine before this.

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I installed the update when it released & I haven’t experienced problems with any of the Steam/Valve games in my library. (on an iMac). You may want to surf the Steam forums/support & see if this is a common problem or if it’s just on your machine.

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After I restarted my computer everything runs well now. I get double the fps I had before! Thanks.

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