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Can I create my own special character in 'word'?

Asked by partyparty (9139points) August 19th, 2010

I am typing a word document which requires a special character. I have searched the various fonts, but I am unable to find it.
Is it possible to make my own character and save it for other use?
How would I do this?

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Maybe this will help you.

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@blinkErri Many thanks for your answer. I have looked through all the symbols and special characters, but I am unable to find the character I need to insert. I am doing some typing for a friend, and as the work is science based, I am assuming it must be some ‘scientific’ related symbol. (It looks like a 3 with a lower case z attached directly above it.)

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Maybe you could find it on a list of scientific symbols and then copy/paste it into your document. I’ve been trying to find an image of this symbol with no luck… can you narrow down what kind of science is involved?

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@augustlan Well I have just telephoned my friend, and he tells me this is an ‘old’ style symbol, and he is going to go to the chemistry department at the univeristy to enquire if there is a ‘modern’ symbol which will replace this one.
I will let you know what, if anything, I find out.
I hate not being able to find a solution to a problem. Perhaps I am being too impatient LOLL

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It’s not ʒ is it?

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@andrew Well that is looking quite close, but it is either a 3 with a z attached directly above it, or it is a 3 with a ) below it.
OR… it could be an inverted w (on its side) with a ) below it.
I am still searching, but many thanks for your help.

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@augustlan @andrew Well I have actually discovered something in print of what the character looks like, but I still can’t find an actual font for it.

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℥ you should be able to paste this in.

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