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Is there any video/image search engine ?

Asked by panspermia (308points) August 19th, 2010

hello everybody,
i’ve been searching for a video/image search engine.I am willing to find out where video/image came from, how it is being used.

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You mean besides how you can search for videos and images with Google? I’m not sure I really understand your question though.

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If you want backwards image search, try TinEye

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@wilhel1812 that is what i am looking for..besides do you know anything about video?

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No, i do not know of any similar services for video.

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@wilhel1812 thank you! i really appreciate it :)

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@panspermia No problem, glad to be at help! :)

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How about Cooliris.

And, Google.

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@ChazMaz its not what i want….i mean you have a video from one of the web site..and you wonder if someone else is used it before the website you looked for

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you could try searching the name of the video if you’re really desperate :) google vids tends to search the more well-known sites, so it might come up with something,

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i am looking for Tineye’S video version :( i know google vids find a lot but its not what i want :(

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