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Which weather conditions do you like?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) August 19th, 2010

I always like cloudy weather. Whenever clouds accumulate, I wish to have a tea with biscuits. Also ,I listen silent songs & watch old movies & If it rains I would like to fall asleep.

Which weather conditions do you like?.What do you do if the weather conditions are your favourite?

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Cumulonimbus clouds, enough heat to make for a reasonably angry sky, lots of lightning, lots of thunder, torrential rain.
After late spring/early summer – I start looking forward to late fall/early winter, because I like the cold. The heat and humidity of storm season is terrible… but the amazing display in the skies makes me see past that much.

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I love snowstorms. I get very excited when I hear of the possibility of 6 or more inches. I can sit at the window for hours just staring at the stuff. I also make sure to get out and play in it. I will also get upset if we don’t get the snow the weatherman forecasted, and very envious of those that do get dumped on!

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Sunny but cool & breezy. Just like my women ;¬}

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Blue skies… not a cloud in the sky…. and wall to wall sunshine!!

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My favorite days and nights—cold-clear or cold-rainy.

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I’d like for the temperature to never leave the range of 50 to 65 degrees (10 to 18 Celsius). Mostly cloudy. Rain at least once a week.
I am most comfortable in a sweatshirt, so I like temperature that lets me wear them.

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I can find something to like most of the time. I enjoy different things.

On sunny days, I like to be outside.

Rainy drizzly days have me heading for the teapot and a good book.

Snow still seems like an adventure to me.

But my favorite days are the winy, crisp days of autumn.

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I like the heat!
Sunny with cool nights would be my ideal.

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thunderstorms followed by the stillness that usually comes after. god i miss those
and that first quiet snowfall… or any quite snowfall before it becomes dirty slush.
also, beautiful summer NY nights from when i was a kid and would sit outside on my front stoop eating Carvel, but that’s just for the memories.

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I love rainy days.

But, I also like low humidity and 78. A bit breezy and the sun is a shinin’.

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Nice warm summers, the summer breeze. Then out of no where a crazy thunderstorm that causes a power outage.
Also an ice storm that leaves a layer of slick ice on the road, also knocking out the power.

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Overcast is my favorite: not wet, but still nice and cool.
I also think fog and snow are each awesome, but unfortunately snow really disrupts the transit systems where I live because it’s rare enough that everyone freaks out. (That and all the land is hills)

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I love rainy days especially when I don’t have to leave the house and can enjoy the cosyness of being indoors whilst it is hammering down outside. I also love a good thunderstorm.

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I am an all weather kind of woman.Name the condition,and I’ll tell you what I’ll do…;)

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@Sarcasm about perfectly described the weather where I live, which is good because I like it. Never rises much above 70 and the airport here was deemed “the foggiest place on earth” and used for pilot training during WWII.
I remember getting back from DC this summer and just being happy I could wear jeans, 2 shirts, and a sweatshirt again comfortably.

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I love very sunny but cold days where the high temperature is well below freezing. I don’t mind a brisk, cool autum day that is windy either with some clouds. I like snowstorms as well. I’m not a warm weather person by a longshot.

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