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Would you rather look very good when you are young, or look younger longer?

Asked by mowens (8379points) August 19th, 2010

If you could take a pill that made you look exceptional in your 20’s, but had the possibility of making you age faster, which would you do and why?

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Both. But if I had to choose, I suppose I would look younger longer. I think most people prefer to look young when they are old. It makes us feel good when someone tells us we don’t look our age hopefully meaning that we look younger.

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Fresh out of high school, I attended my younger cousin’s middle school graduation. I stood at the front of the line with my grandmother (she has arthritis and takes advantage of being able to cut lines) and was promptly asked by the principal of the school if I was a student late to class.

I’ve always looked young. I’d take looking young longer over being really, really, ridiculously good looking any day… even if it means getting carded everywhere I go ;)

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None of the above.

I’m good, thanks.

Chances are that pill would contain elements extracted from my DNA.

You’re welcome.

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Decisions, decisions…..I think I would like to stay younger, longer.

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I try not to take any unnecessary pills, so I definitely won’t be taking the pill. I’d rather let things run their course on their own. If I’m meant to keep looking young, so be it. If not, oh well.

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The latter, as it’s more impressive.

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I didn’t look good when i was young(er) according to myself , but lately, for a reason, some people tell me i do look okay (can’t get the word good out of my mouth).
And on top of that i have always looked younger then my age according to myself again.
I’m 63, would you believe it?
So no pills for me, thank you very much.

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Good looks are wasted in your 20’s anyways. I think good looks will get you farther in your 30’s and up IMO…..but no, I would not take a pill- but I am in my 30’s now. In my 20’s or in high school I might have risked it just because I had little understanding of long term consequences. I am not sure that I really like looking young, though. I might change my mind once my age starts to show. But I often do not get the professional respect I deserve because people often think I am younger than I am. So, no looking young is not that important to me right now.

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@KhiaKarma See I have found the opposite. I appear very young. I am 26, and the youngest in my group of work peers. I work with people in their 40’s. I honestly believe I was an underdog during the interview process, Because I look younger than 26.

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These questions are always fun: I actually was the former, I guess (or so I’m told) and though I’m ancient and ugly now, it was a good run. I think I’d prefer it the way it was; but not James Deanish.

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Ha! I am 66. Do you really have to ask? :-)

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@mowens It sounds like we are saying the same thing. I look to be around 26 or so and I am in my 30’s so I have been trying to “catch up” and gain respect form people who are really not much older than me just because of their perception that I am young. I have been fighting ageism since I started in the professional world at 22 years old. I thought it would change as I did age, but unfortunately I just have a young face. Which many people want, and I may want once I hit my 40’s…..but professionally it’s a bummer, I know

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My 20s were so long ago I don’t remember what I looked like. However, there are people doing something similar to what you describe. Every time I see people deliberately irradiating themselves at poolside or the beach, I wonder what they’re thinking. There is really no such thing as a healthy tan. The melanin production is how your body responds to skin damage.

This being said – I slap a little sunscreen on the back of my neck and my ears before I go out for midday bike rides. Everything else cooks. I’m a hypocrite.

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Tanning is what brought the question on, actually. :)

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Since I seem to have gotten the second option, I’ll be happy with that.

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@janbb Me too. I get a lot of “Wow Chyna, you’re 52? I would’ve guessed no older than 51.”

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I think the focus should be on being healthy and taking care of yourself. That will result in looking nice. Of course, a little makeup and your clothes make a difference too. But I really don’t think we should concentrate so much on trying to look young. There’s nothing wrong with looking your age, just look like a healthy xx year old. I know that at my age I don’t want to be with someone much younger than me so why would I want that person to look younger than me; that’s just unnecessary.

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look younger longer. when i tell people i am 46 they cannot believe it. i still get carded.

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@mowens The tanning thing totally makes sense! So many are ruining their skin for a season of looking leisured and relaxed. I have often wondered why people think that tan is beautiful (especially when it wasn’t too long ago that women hid under unbrellas and pale was in) I have come to the conclusion that in the past pale meant leisured and pampered. Now tanned- if not a farmer’s tan, means that you have time to just lounge and it suggests a more relaxed and fun lifestyle. Maybe that is what people think it beauty?

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For some reason, bronze skin is just attractive. At least in america, I am used to either black or pale white skin, but bronze skin looks exotic to me because I’m not used to seeing it. I remember seeing a statistic that showed how latin women win the most beauty pageants.

Pretty much what I am saying: Bronze skin seems exotic because we aren’t used to seeing it.

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bronze skin hides the huge bags under my eyes…. no more dark circles.

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Maintain average good looks longer! The 20’s are only one decade, sheesh.

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Younger longer. I’m already told that I’m rather handsome, but people tend to think that I’m 4–10 years older than I actually am.

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@Nullo I hate to break it to you, but your pic makes you look positively ancient! :-)

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@chyna Time travel will do that to a person, unfortunately. :(

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I think both scenarios are quite possible. The secret for most women is avoiding exposing your face to the sun. Tan your body if you must, but always ALWAYS wear a big hat to keep the sun off your face. Not only will you look good young, but your skin will retain a certain elasticity in older age making it appear younger. How do I know this? Because it’s what I practiced in my youth and now at 61, I am often mistaken for being 10–15 younger than I am.

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Younger longer. Youth is a relatively short time.

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I’m going for both.

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