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Any suggestions for a great, budget vacation out of the U.S.?

Asked by g33s0n6656 (98points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

My girlfriend and I live in Wisconsin and are looking for a place to journey to for $800—$1400 a person. Something more personal than touristy. Safe friendly people.

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umm.. maybe Thailand? i dont know how much that is per person.
or Mexico?

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Road trip to Montreal or Toronto, or another Canadian city?

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Depends on where you live but somewhere close to home is usually going to be the most cost-effective. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Vancouver…

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How long do you want to go for? A plane ticket to Europe will kill your budget. Mexico or South America is doable. And crossing the Pacific will hurt on your budget.

Have you thought about seeing the US? I bought a month long ticket on Greyhound and traveled around the states. I got to see a lot of places that I never thought I would. It was a good time.

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I went to Cancun with my lady and had a great time. Check out the Omni resort and hotel their all inclusive package is a great deal.

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I’d say Cuba but you’re a U.S. citizen so that’s out of the question.

You’re within driving distance of the TDOT but for a more nature-like experience, Algonquin Provincial Park is just north from there and quite nice.

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Iceland. World’s best kept tourist secret.

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