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What adjectives go with angry or mad?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32863points) August 19th, 2010

Right now, I’m spitting mad, because of a cancelled project that was very important to me and an organization I belong to.

What other words or phrases can be paired with mad or angry?

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Barking mad. Freaking mad. Incensed and indignant.

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I like “hopping mad.” and “insanely angry.”

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Ooooh, i’m absolutely livid Beryl!!!
As mad as a box of frogs :¬)

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Mad as a hatter :) Though that’s a different context.

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Flippin’ ticked off

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Just curious…does this question have anything to do with the situation you’ve been put in about this question, or is it completely separate? The only reason I ask is that in the former question, the adjectives offered up here would probably be different than those where you have to give a public description about the situation.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : Yes, I’m angry at the situation in the drama club I’m a member of. Having said that, I have tried to make this question stand on its own. I believe this is can be viewed simply as a question of language usage.

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Rabidly, vehemently mad.

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@zenele : I like rabidly.

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Frumious is fantastic, too. Fuming and furious – can’t get much angrier than that!

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Here in England some of us, myself included, say “narked” or “stotting”

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@hawaii_jake Thank you for your explanation and your honesty. I just wanted to make sure we weren’t feeding you adjectives that you might end up regretting using.

Livid, stark raving mad, bonkers, infuriated, seeing red, seething, irate, appalled (a stretch there).

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Outraged, fuming, irate, gnashing your teeth, incensed

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It can be paired with anything. Then you have its variants: really fucking, super fucking, and motherfucking.


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I think what you want are adverbs.

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I find I feel EXASPERATED, at times! Other times, incredibly, unbelievably angry!

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Cross as a bear!

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I’m so mad that I feel like I’ve been dipped in sh*t and rolled in granola. And because of that, I’m frightfully angry!

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