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We have all played computer games at some time in our lives. What is your favourite game(s)

Asked by flutherother (30158points) August 19th, 2010

The combination of graphics, music and game play make computer games a new art form in my view. What are your favourite games?

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The fish eat fish games like
growing fish

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Prince of Persia
Age of Empires
Tomb Raider
Various online word games
That’s all i can think of for now.

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Final Fantasy 11. That game will always have a place in my heart. The 14th Final Fantasy is being created, but I will not play it. That game transformed me into the biggest loser…..I don’t have the time for it anymore, but it was fun when I was younger. I had a level 75 Monk and Samurai, the best gear and a great ‘linkshell’. I would put out so much damage…...I was such a beast lol!

Oh yes, how could I forget Modern Warfare 2? I love the thrill of ‘pwning’ hotshot quicksnipers with a SCAR-H (Extended Mags). They are always so badass, but then when they are defeated it’s like, “Oh you killed a buncha snipers, whoop-de-doo”.

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Mine would have to be Postal 2. Gary Coleman is in the second level with a machine gun.

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Story book weaver
Oh my god that was such an awesome game

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Call of Duty : World at War
Grand Theft Auto : Vice City & San Andreas
Gran Turismo 4
Edit : Looking forward to Gears of War 3. Awesomeness!!!!

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I remember liking Space Invaders and Centipede. My video-game-loving days were short in number.

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Anybody play runescape?

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Oh yes! I like Half Life also.

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My all time favourite is The Legend of Zelda for the SNES. A beautiful, brilliant game. I also liked Goldeneye.The Chaos Engine known as Soldier of Fortune in the US was also pretty good. I am not too keen on more recent games

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The Sims 2. I know. I’m one of those people. I don’t play very many games on my laptop (too slow and don’t have a good enough graphics card – not to mention I should technically be studying for the greater part of the year.) I do run emulators often though to play SNES games :)

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Gadzooks! Well guess I am way out of touch. I have played many video games even a lot of the fancy came counsel types but still nothing beats Asteroids for me (the vintage not any other version that might be out there) 2nd to that was Kool Spot.

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Tetris! I used to love that game. I haven’t really played it much in years now. PacMan was fun too, except i had a version of the game called Pac-Em. It was basically the same thing, except i think you could choose different game speeds.

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I just remembered a very old arcade game called Battlezone. It was superb. The graphics were just lots of angular green lines on a black screen but I still remember the terror of being pursued by a super tank and then the horrible sound as your tank’s windshield splintered following a direct hit.

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My first ever RPG:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV, VI (AKA III), VII, & VIII
Warcraft, Starcraft.
World of Warcraft / Starcraft II.
Prince of Persia.
Zelda games, all of them.

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Oh, and this has been my living room wall for two months.

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That seems like a lot of things to remember.

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Well. Chrono Trigger is the best console game of all time (of all time!). Followups would be the Metroid games and Zelda games.

If I had to pick just one game, I’d say Starcraft is my favorite game of all time.
But I love so, so many games. I guess Counter-strike and Call of Duty 4 are my nominations for best FPS. Fallout 3 and Diablo 2 are my nominations for best RPGs.

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@Sarcasm: Do you have the new Starcraft? Feel like getting your ass kicked?

Also, Spin Doctor on my mac when I was like six is probably what got me started before we had consoles. Then Mario came along and I was done for.

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@rebbel It is, but if you play them yourself, they burrow in to your brain.

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I didn’t think everyone would be listing their favourite console games as well, so I’ll add mine: Earthbound, Mother 3, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, the Zelda series (A Link to the Past is my favourite), the Mario Series (Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario series are my favourite, but I adore the Koopalings from Super Mario 3 a great deal and have toys of them), and the Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright series for the Nintendo DS.

I love a good story over everything else on the planet. The little jokes throughout the Mother series makes me roll with laughter.

@asmonet That’s beautiful. Excuse me while I raid my mum’s office…

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Thanks for reminding me of Samus and Metroid. There were a few nice touches in that game (and some really annoying bits as well.)

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Sorry, I have to be a complete girl for a moment.


<33333333333 The original.

And Katamari Damacy.

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I just like video games.

Whatever. :)

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Mahjong (spelling?)
Mine sweeper

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Sadly my favorite game of all time was EverQuest back in the day. It was a very pioneering game.

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I was a helluva Pong shark back in the day… way back in the day!

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HHG. The original game. You just type what you are doing. You have to be all four characters at some point in the game. When I was Atrhur, I saw Trillian at a party. I got her drnk and she passed out. I took her into a bedroom and put her on a bed. Then I typed in “F*#k Trillian”. The system typed back; “Ahem”.

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I had forgotten about that game until now! Thank you for bringing it up! Oh, the memories! The endless combinations! Life was so simple back then.

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Neverwinter Nights has been one of my favorite PC games. Guild Wars was good too. I’m looking forward to Guild Wars 2 in a couple months.

Other than those games, I’ve enjoyed several of the quick flash games (but I really can’t remember their names).

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The only thing I did was the puzzles.

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pac man
space invaders
mario brothers with the original nintendo when nintendo first came out in the 90s.
donkey kong

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The first game I ever beat was Keith Courage in Alpha Zones on TG16. My favourite game ever is Castlevania Symphony of the Night for PSone.

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No one here has probably heard of it, but it’s called “Dr. Lunatic: Supreme With Cheese”. I love it. =D

Most people would probably think it’s for little kids, but it’s definitely not and it can be really hard sometimes. The best part is that you can make your own levels and worlds. That’s the most fun part.

This is what it looks like:

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Team Fortress 2.

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Command and Conquer 3.

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Burger Time and Dig Dug and Donkey Kong

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@wgallios Which server did you play on?

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Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong were the only computer games I can really remember enjoying. I have never been much of a gamer to be honest.

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@FutureMemory Rathe server, I actually still have my account, just never play. Got up to a 71 Monk

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@wgallios Oh sweet, I was on Nameless from 2000–2007. My main was a Dru, but I sold her to make sure I wasn’t able to ever reactive my account…needed to play more in RL than Norrath, heh. Did you ever raid or more into the casual side of things?

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@FutureMemory Yeah I did alot of raiding back in 2002–2003. Back then I was capped out at 65 so it was fun going to all raid zones. I loved ToV and all those places =D

How about you? were you full on raiding, or just casual?

I actually tried playing back in 2008, and logged in about a few months ago, its dead though, all the old zones have like no one in them. Its sad to see it go.

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@wgallios The first few years I was casual, but once you max level and can’t gear up anymore doing single group camps you start to wonder how the other half lives…joining a raid guild was the best decision I made the entire 7 years I played…nothing like those huge 72-person raids flagging up for Time and Gates of Discord. I never did go to ToV except to work on a few small quests that involved Dozekar. I miss being an officer and deciding on other people’s loot, hehe. We didn’t use DKP Did you ever make it to Time? Kiting tables in PoF with other dru/necri was a blast, especially when I would join group then go take a nap without telling anyone.

Indeed it was sad to go to EC and be the only one in the zone. The tunnel there was where all the sellers congregated on my server, before they opened up the Bazaar.

WTB another fun game!

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Does anyone remember Kings Quest VI? In 6th grade I was so addicted to that game.

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