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I'm going to europe for a month! where should i go?

Asked by theglennnn (72points) August 19th, 2010

Im looking for hip areas of europe to check out. Places like bars with indie rock bands, thrift stores, artsy stores, flea markets, that kinda stuff. I’m hoping to visit 5–6 countries, and i like to hang where the locals are.

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When are you going?

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Have you decided on specific countries or are you looking for suggestions on that too?
If you haven’t got Paris squeezed in there, I highly recommend a visit. Zurich is another city brimming with cultural delights.

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Rotterdam, London, Brugge, Venice, Florence, Prague.

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Milan, Baumholder, the French countryside, Spain in general.

I personally did not like Paris or Rome all that much, I don’t know if much has changed since I’ve been there, but a good portion of both of those cities seemed so trashy.

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