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What beard shall I grow?

Asked by dirkdas (19points) August 19th, 2010

I am ready for a makeover : midlife, male, paunch to be gymmed away , receding hairline etc.

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It all depends on how you want it to make you look, and how much shaving you are willing to put up with to keep it trimmed.

My choice when I hit that point was to leave as much of shaving behind as possible. I keep mine full face, shaving just my neck down from its junction with the jawline. I found all the trimmed and manicured beard a bit faux looking. I keep mine trimmed to about ½ inch long. It’s nearly white now, and I don’t want to grow it long and look like a skinny Santa. I’d be as bad a Santa as Billy Bob Thornton. :-)

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Just grow out everythinnnnnng. Just to see how long you can stand it. DO IT! DO IT!

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Well, since we can’t see your face it is difficult to give an opinion. Generally I don’t like goatees (my husband had one for a while and thank goodness he took a job in Colombia and I convinced him he would get through immigration and customs better without it). If you go must go with a beard I like a more classic look, all the way across the face. Will you be growing a mustache as well?

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A very big, clean and gentlemanly moustache.

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And shave your head bald to reinforce the look. Monocle optional.

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yes yes yes and yes. ^ But monocle is REQUIRED.

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Top hat and cane also required!

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Let’s not get silly. If anything, it’ll be a bowler hat.

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@SundayKittens & @brotherhume Give @dirkdas a break, here. What’s the point of shaving your head if you are going to hide that chrome dome under a hat?

And BTW, @dirkdas welcome to Fluther.

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@ETpro Boy, you know how to cut me deep. My hat passion overtook me. And yes, welcome!

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@SundayKittens Well, hats can look really cool, and I do know some chrome domes opt for headwear. Mostly ones trying to hide the fact it all fell out, I think. Thise who deliberately shave it iff do so as a statement.

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I’m no beard connoisseur. But props for using the word “shall!” Shall is a great word and people should use it so much more often.

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@Haleth I shall endeavor to remember that when answering or commenting on your contributions.

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I find manchu ( is that how you spell) and a goatee to be cool.

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Just let it grow, keep your neck clean shaven as this can get irritating, I trim mine to between a No 3 comb on the cheeks & jaw blending it in to a No 6 comb on the chin :-/
slightly longer…..The Ladies love it…….. ;-)

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Forget the beard and shave your head :)

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Mmmmm…bald. The Fu Manchu is also a good one. So weird and cool.

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@lucillelucillelucille got that right!

I shave my head and have a goatee. And, I am sooo pretty!

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From the sideburns make it go straight down (as in, not curving back towards the ear). Once you get below the jawline, bring it up from the midneck mark to a nice distance below the chin. Not too close, but not too far. I prefer sans mustache, but that’s because I’m 21. Also, I think it looks nice without any hair climbing up the chin.

I just shaved last night. Otherwise I would take a picture and make it my avatar.

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@ETpro Endeavor is a great word! I will assiduously use words like “endeavor” in my correspondence with you.

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@Haleth How shall I manage to pass the lonely hours waiting for this endeavor of yours?

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Wow!! Thanks for all the input, but SHE who must be obeyed had last word in : no facial hair at all, and no shaven head.
Maybe comprimise with a small tuft below the lower lip?

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It depends on what you want it to look like.

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