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How do i connect my xbox 360 to live?

Asked by varey14 (57points) March 24th, 2008

i have a standard computer with normal internet and i do not know how to get live on my xbox 360.. it’s about 4 meters away from my computer and i do not understand what i need to buy to connect them so i can go online please help

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Don’t you need to have a Xbox live account?

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i cant get one yet because im not connected to it i need to know the wires to connect to my computer from my xbox….. do i need to get a router or what?

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i’m here assuming you have broadband
and that your in America
So with my limited knowledge of internet in america i’m going to say this:
on the back of your broadband router (if you have one, we do in australia) plug an ethernet cable into the back of the router here
Then plug the other end into the Xbox you should see the ethernet port
and you should finish with a set up like so
Just Pretend One of the PC’s is your Xbox

I hope this works because like i said i have no clue as to how internet in America or any other country is set up!

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Joey, you are correct. The internet settup is the same here as it is in Australia.

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i’m in england but as eambos says i think its the same thanks very much for your help i will get a router soon thanks mate

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@varey14: How do you connect your computer to your internet? By plugging it directly into your modem?

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@Varey if you dont have a router how do you get your internet?

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not a clue lol im gunna sort it out this week… thanks

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