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Is there a way to manually set my IP address?

Asked by Gamer44 (94points) August 19th, 2010 from iPhone

I just discovered that my favorite online multiplayer game works over LAN for local play. But I don’t know anyone near me that plays it, and the game uses your IP address to identify you in local play. So I was wondering if their was a way to change my IP address and make it the same as my friend’s IP, and try to connect to each other. This could let us play in a 1on1 match, rather than having to play through the matchmaking server.

Is it more complicated than this, or do you think it might actually work? I’m not too computer-savvy, so please give me some insight so I can get a better understanding of how I can go about doing this.

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It is more complicated than that and your idea wouldn’t work.

However, you might be able to play over a VPN. My friends and I used to play LAN games using hamachi.

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@phaedryx If you have Vista or Windows 7, setting up a VPN server is super easy, no extra software required:

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Never set your IP to the same value as another computer on the network. It is going to make networking impossible.
You put them into the same subnet.
For example, your computer would have
Your friend would have
and so on
But I guess you want to play over the internet, so you should use a VPN anyway.

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Just wondering…. what game is it?

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