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What is a word used to describe someone who hates any other religion than their own?

Asked by Dewey420 (1170points) August 20th, 2010

Such as antisemitism means to hate jews, what would the more general term be for all religions except your own?

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I kid, I kid.

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To my knowledge, there isn’t an English word that means “to hate all other religions”. Bigot is probably the closest, but makes no distinction between religious prejudice and all other types of prejudice. Since one can most definitely be both an atheist and a bigot, it’s not quite narrow enough for your exact requirements.

I propose you create a word, because that would be a great word to add to the English language!

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How about religious chauvinist?

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How about unschooled, or simply ignorant. For one to be that way, it would be an indication of other things lacking – in observation, and perhaps, wisdom.

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or religious xenophobe?

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RELIGULOUS! (Thanks to Bill Maher for inventing the word.)

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xenophobe!!! Thank you, that is the word I was trying to remember.

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Xenophobia actually means fear for strangers, in general.
So not so much hate, but fear, and not just for other (people’s) religions but for everyone that doesn’t belong (in xenophobe people’s eyes) to your group.

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True believer

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Small minded, ignorant or i don’t know the correct term for walking around with their head up their own ass is?

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I think that hatred is fed by fear, hence xenophobic being a perfect word.

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I’m with @LostInParadise‘s suggestion. Religious chauvinist. That seems to cover it perfectly.

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Faithful, loyal, dedicated.

The problem with the question (setup) is the word “hateful”.

Hate being a human trait. Having NOTHING to do with a higher authority.

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Blasphemer is the exact opposite, that’s some who is going against THEIR religion.
@Austinlad I haven’t heard the word RELIGULOUS yet, I haven’t had HBO in over a year tho. Just looked it up, I will be seeing that movie asap, thanks.
Thanks everyone for the replies, I ended using the phrase “all walks of prejudice” since I suppose there’s no real word for what I was trying to say. Hopefully religulous catches on.

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Who was talking about “higher authorities”? This question is about people.

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@Dewey420. I think you’ll love it. It’s a very funny—and scary—documentary.

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Religious intolerance

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Well if you really mean “hate”, I’d have to go with @YARNLADY‘s answer of “Zealot”. But if you simply mean that they believe their religion is the only true religion, but don’t necessarily hate the others, then I’ve heard the term Exclusivist used quite often.

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@Fyrius – “someone who hates any other religion than their own”

No, the question is about religion.

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Definitely bigot would be the word I’d use. Sure, these days it isn’t often used specifically to refer to religious discrimination, but if I remember correctly that is one of its meanings.

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And, “someone who hates”, is hatred.

No room for hatred. No matter what subject matter it is attached to.

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Q: “What is a word used to describe someone who hates any other religion than their own?”

A “Liberal”

Ah, come on, that was funny.

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I vote for religious chauvinist too. Chauvinist was the word that came to my mind but doesn’t only apply to religion; hence the adjective.

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@ipso So is this one:
Q: What is a word used to describe someone who hates any other religion than their own?
A: Conservative

It goes both ways ;)

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Ha! You just admitted it was TRUE! : )

I like the original version better – but only because the colon : was purposefully left out of the answer.

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Xenophobic – isn’t that simply the fear of Strangers?

In any event, you may use Anti-Semitism and just say it’s for all races. Tell ‘em zen said it’s okay. You might want to capitalize Jews next time. Or not, as the case may be.

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I find it fascinating that there already exists a word for religious tolerance ( ecumenism ), but none for religious intolerance.

My personal take on this is that as a Christian, I am called upon to love all humans, regardless of whether they are kind to me or not. It’s not an option for me to be intolerant. It’s not an option for me to hate anyone, or humiliate anyone, or be anything other than kind and considerate and loving.

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@zen_ Wait, you’re Jewish? So that’s why I think you’re awesome. Shoulda known.

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Dipshit. (I just learned that word and I kind of like it.)

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I should have put this in Social I think.

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I like “bigot”, but I agree that it deserves a word of its own.

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@Dewey420 Just Pm a Mod and ask to move it; or flag your question and explain in the details why you want to move it to social. But even General questions may become chats and discussions after 40 posts, surely.


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