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What is a good practical joke to play on someone?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 20th, 2010

Have you ever pulled a successful joke on someone? Who?

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I don’t care to have practical jokes pulled on me so I don’t do it to others.

While in school, I watched a few guys escalating the game until they ended up hated each other.
For what?
(Does that make me a party pooper?)

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I’m with @worriedguy on this. Practical jokes are rarely funny to the subject.

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I think practical jokes are now considered a form of bullying in certain environments.. Be careful in the work place, things can go drastically wrong, as I have seen…… :-/

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Cling film + toilet bowl = well, enough said :¬)

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Practical jokes aren’t funny, and are passive aggressive. Why would you want to embarrass someone you like? And if you don’t like them, why would you want to waste the effort?

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Mellow out people. Mean nasty jokes are not cool. But if done in a fun way they can welcome someone in and make them feel like they’re part of the gang.

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Well this kid jumped all over me because i didn’t have time to brush my teeth that mourning. I could tell he never brushes his teeth. So the next day i gave a buddy of mine and a friend of his a piece of gum, she gave him the gum, and he chewed it. It turned all his teeth pink, but the funny part is it only colors plaque pink. I told everybody that it only turns plaque pink. He went a whined to the principal but he got in trouble for chewing gum.

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I really loathe practical jokes as well and agree that the workplace is a dangerous arena to carry one out.

With that said, the one that got pulled off in the office without a hitch was on April Fool’s Day at a hotel. As the office staff arrived for work, we found a baby pool in the office filled with water and gold fish, rubber bugs in strategic places, a bullet hole decal on the manager’s office window, the water cooler had been filled with beer, and all of our phones were programmed to receive an automated wake-up call throughout the day. (That wacky night-shift crew…)

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I’ve played plenty of practical jokes. I once had a candle that looked like coconut cream pie, and walked into class with it and my teacher saw that it wasn’t eaten ( he thought it was real) and he asked me if he could have it. I said yes, and then he went and grabbed a fork and tried to take a big bite out of it. Lol, and now he plays the prank on new teachers.
I also have helped pull the chicken prank ( senior prank) and we had 19 chickens and labeled them 1–20 and skipped the number 19 and the staff and students went crazy looking for a chicken that didn’t exist.

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Get a mentos. Poke a hole through the center of if and thread a string through said hole. Then pull string taught with mentos hovering over bottle of soda. Close cap on sode bottle so it is holding the mentos in place above the soda and cut any string that is left showing.

When victim opens bottle, mentos falls into bottle and hilarity ensues.

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wow. I never meant it to mean mean jokes Light hearted jokes. I love the ones that were told. I have even bought that candle for birthday cakes that no matter how much you blow it don’t go out .I don’t think that is a form of bullying. I have even put finger nail polish on a sleeping man. It is a joke. He thought it as a joke and thought it was funny.

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I guess I worry about the aftermath too much. Who cleans up the coke and mentos mess?
Where do the cellophane and toilet “items” go after the first victim discovers your playfulness? If I were the victim and knew you did it, I would squish the mess through your locker vents. Hey chill! It’s just a prank, right? And so it goes…

@daytonamisticrip So, let’s see if I got this right…You went to the principal; he got in trouble; you disrupted class and missed lessons. What was gained? I only see loss.

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@worriedguy the shit one is a bit much I agree. But the coke thing… really? Big deal its just soda. As long as the parties involved arent a bunch of cry babies nothing will come of it.

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@uberbatman The problem is it gets over everything. The walls, floor, ceiling, the person’s clothes. Are you volunteering to clean it up?
Maybe the person has important plans after and now they have coke on their clothes. You don’t know.

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Just thought of 2 more:

#1 Sue and I were shopping one day and found these cheap plastic yard flamingos. We bought two and stuck them in the front yard of a co-worker (and friend) who is very meticulous about his home’s appearance, both inside and out. He about died from embarrassment when he got home from a trip, but knew who the guilty party and kept quiet.

A few days later, Sue discovered them in her front yard, now with one donned in a top hat and tie and the other with a wedding veil. A week later, they were in my front yard on Easter morning, along with a birds nest of Easter grass and plastic eggs.

#2 I spent a month in England with my fiancé, and we asked his parents to stay with us as well. At some point, I rearranged the decorative wooden fish and sail boats in the (only) bathroom around and waited for him to say something. The next day, they were also rearranged, but not back in the same place. This went on for a couple of days, to the point where the 3 fish were lined up next to the tub on the floor. We finally broke down and laughed at it in private and decided to wait for his parents to mention it. Nothing. Not being able to stand it any further, we asked them if they even noticed. It turns out that they had, and just thought that we were a bit loony and thus meant for each other.

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@Pied_Pfeffer hey I have a pink flamingo in my yard ! It’s very chic here. LOL Awesome. I will have to remember that.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Plastic flamingo is OK. It’s easy to clean up. If you had put a live flamingo in the house, that would be a different story.

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I can tell you something that I thought was a prank but was not. We had just moved to this house and I bought a tremendous snowblower. I was really looking forward to using it.
The first night we finally had a significant snowfall I got up early, got dressed and went outside to fire it up. But my driveway was already cleaned. Huh! Later that day I asked my neighbor but he denied doing it.
About 2 weeks later when we had the next snowfall, l the same thing happened. Clean driveway. No neighbor would admit it.
The third time I got up and there was a truck in my driveway plowing. I ran outside and stood in front of the truck and asked, “Who are you?” He replied, “You’re not the lady that lives here!”
Turns out he had a contract to plow the driveway with the previous owners and did not know they moved. We had a good laugh. He didn’t charge me.anything but I paid him anyway.

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@worriedguy Now that’s is funny.! I love it. Hope you got to use your snowblower sooner or later.

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@worriedguy I didn’t go to the principal, he did. And it happened during break. That taught him pretty well, him and his friends never jumped on me for anything ever again. So the gain was getting him off my back.

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Nail someone’s shoe to the floor.

I use to put items in other people’s supermarket trollys

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Back in my wild advertising days, I threw and party for my creative team and invited an account executive nobody much liked. We told him the brownies were laced—they weren’t—and watched him get increasingly stoned as the evening wore on. Someone had to actually drive him home because he couldn’t walk or see straight. IT WAS ALL IN HIS HEAD. When we told him the truth a few days later, he was mortified. I don’t think I’ve played anything more than tiny jokes on people since.

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