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Do you have a cherished memory that someone else remembers as happening completely differently?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) August 20th, 2010

The wording of this question is clumsy, but you get the idea.

Have you ever reminisced about something with a friend, and they have a completely different set of details/memories about it?

Tell me your stories about stories, Jellies!

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Yes, yes, yes. Especially as a small child. Everything seemed hUge.

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I remember ink being spilled on my parents bedroom carpet as a child of 8. My sister had been the guilty party but because she told me to go touch it to see if it was wet i was the one with the evidence now on my person. I was the one who was punished for IT

She recalls it being me who had spilt it!!

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Yes!! My boyfriend swears up and down that our first meeting went differently than I remember it. He vividly remembers me saying something that I have zero recollection of saying. We are both here patiently awaiting the highlight real that we will view together in the next world! mabl8tr, I know I am right!

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I have only recently begun to consider that maybe I was being humored in this case.

My aunt and uncle were very fast drivers in the late 50s. My uncle had one of those huge bulgemobiles with fins upon fins and expando bumpers wherein he could see himself shaving.

This was before seatbelts.

I was standing up on the backseat floor making siren sounds. He pulled over, kept looking around, saying that he could swear there were police chasing him. I thought that I’d got one over on him.

Another time, he was going fast around a country corner…an old oiled road. He kept talking to my aunt, not realizing that she wasn’t answering. She was laying up against a fence where he had flung her out of the car. I wasn’t with them, that time.

Old Melvin, he was something.

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Kind of the opposite but at the same time yes. A bf of mine was a heavy drinker and drug abuser so a lot of the wonderful places we went together are a blur for him or he chooses to remember only the parts before he would pass out on me.

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My ex and I remember many things differently that happened when we were together, including how long we were married. We lived in different realities then, and we still do.

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