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Will you eat Gulf of Mexico seafood?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) August 20th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m just curious what everyone’s dinner plate response is to the oil mess.

Personally, I can’t do it. I trust the Cajuns (who seem to be unhappy with what they see) more than I do the government.

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I heard there is still a massive underwater oil cloud in the gulf.

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I won’t eat any seafood – it’s all poisoned.

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I think now they are shipping their goods from other places to the gulf. Not sure. I have eaten out and I have not died yet. I had fish. I live on the gulf coast. If not I ate fish and I have not died yet.

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I couldn’t resist; love it too much.

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If I can eat my own cooking and live,surely I can handle anything else ;)

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No. Shrimp is definitely off my menu and I will make every attempt to know exactly where my fish come from. But really, @Simone_De_Beauvoir in right. It is all poisoned.

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@lucillelucillelucille Go make me a sa… you know what, here’s $5, go get me a Subway XD

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I live in Florida. Its no big deal.

All is good. Hmmm have a bag of fresh shrimp in the fridge.

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I wonder how much mercury (if that’s what poisoned means) is in six butterfly shrimp?

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@bob-How about a bowl of oatmeal instead?

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@bob_ I’ll splurge for one for you. It’s called a Shrimp Po’ Boy.

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I’ll eat it, as long as it meets test standards. I’d be a lot more concerned about insecticides, PCBs, heavy metals, etc than crude oil. Jumbo Gulf shrimp will continue to be a barbecue staple for us, along with the lobster and filet mignon and free-range chicken.

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@lucillelucillelucille What am I, a horse? Maybe you heard I was a stallion. That’s a different subject.

Get Vunessuh and let’s hit a steakhouse.

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@bob-Let’s go! :)

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I have not made up my mind. I will do a lot of reading about testing before I eat any.

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I don’t eat seafood, but if I did, I don’t think I would for quite awhile.

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Make note:

@chyna gets a chicken dinner.

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Make that a grilled chicken dinner please.

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Yes dear.

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@chyna Coming right up, ma’am. With or without the 10W30 dressing?

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Without. But drenched in ranch dressing.

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I have no idea what that means. But what ever you want. ;-)

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@ChazMaz I love how accommodating you are!

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Of course. I vacation in Pensacola, FL every year with some friends, and you’d be surprised how good the cleanup is going. We went in mid-June and the only time we saw oil is when a large news channel came and rounded up all the oil on the beach into a pile to make it look worse than it is. It disheartens me because many seafood restaurants, and of course fishermen are losing most of their income to this. Please eat Gulf seafood!

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@Aster Shrimp is in the lower level of mercury poisonins – here but how much of it do you eat and what does it accumulate to per lifetime? It’s not about mercury, though – it’s about dioxin levels in shrimp – check out the charts here.

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There’s so much crap in everything we eat now, I doubt that a little oil from the Gulf will hurt me more than anything else. And I do want to support the recovery.

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no….i dont think so. we eat enough harmful stuff.

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Yep, love it too much. You can get poisoned by anything.

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Eating in a restaurant on the Gulf Coast, how would you know where the fish came from?

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@Austinlad Or…you don’t have to, :) – food choices for those of us that are privileged are just that, choices.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir has a very good point. Most people in the world have to eat whatever is available to them, even if they know it is unhealthy. It’s that or starvation.

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I love seafood too much not to eat it. I’m sure the seafood has to pass several inspections before it can be served to the public. If it kills me, at least I died happy.

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Yes! if it’s sold to me i assume it’s okay to eat, maybe i’m being naive though.

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@ragingloli that underwater oil “plume” is as big as Manhattan according to Wall Street Journal.
I won’t eat it. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

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I’m not a big seafood fan, so it wouldn’t bother me to not eat any fish for long periods of time. But now 300 million eggs are tainted…Will it never end!!!

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I’ll still eat it! :~P

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I eat it wihout much thought. There have been several hundred tests run….what the hell, we’re fucked anyways. And it’s sooooo yummy!

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