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What is your opinion of those stovetop grills you see on tv that they put steaks on?

Asked by Aster (19954points) August 20th, 2010

The look, the hissing sounds, those stovetop grills on cooking shows are so appealing. But is the food that much better than just fried? How do those neat grills with ridges work?

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Indoor grills work a lot like outdoor grills, but without the charcoal taste.

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george foreman type??? They are awesome. easy to clean.

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No; these do not have a lid and they sit on top of the stove I think. I wondered if the food winds up tasting better than it would in a frypan or oven.

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It depends on how you like your steak. I enjoy my steak grilled sometimes, but I also like to fry it in butter with lots of Accent and some Montreal Steak Seasoning.
Yeah, I’ve never stopped using MSG. Don’t judge me. ;-)

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I have a George Foreman. I do chicken and bacon on it but never steak… Steak always go on the grill.

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Aster, can you find a link to what it looks like? There seems to be some confusion here.

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There are always half a dozen George Forman grills in perfect condition at GoodWill.
At $5.00, you can’t go wrong.

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This is what she is talking about.

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@marinelife I appreciate that. Thanx. Now, the ones I see have the long things, you know, like the food could slip through but that’s probably right. (-;

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dang, those are expensive…...

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@marinelife ‘s picture is almost exactly what they look like!

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