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Do you follow any football clubs?

Asked by muppetish (13853points) August 20th, 2010

Bundesliga kicks off soon with Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg and the house is absolutely silent because my younger brother is under the impression that there are few sports in the world less interesting than football (even though he not only watched the World Cup, but was a staunch Germany stan alongside me.)

My older brother, on the other hand, yawned and said he was more interested in watching the English Premiere League and La Liga.

Do you follow club football? Have a favourite league or team?

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I would if their uniforms were a ittle tighter. ;)

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The footballers remove their jersey shirts when the match ends, if that helps at all. Sadly, they remain fully clothed while on the pitch.

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I follow American football. I am so excited that the preseason has started, because it means the actual season is just around the corner.

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Yes, i do follow football.
Two weeks ago the Dutch and Belgian competition started, last week the English Premier League and, as you already said, today the German Bundesliga.
Soon the Italian and Spanish will too.
The English is my number 1 to follow, with Aston Villa as my favorite team.
Then the German with Schalke ‘04, then the Dutch, with Feyenoord.
Spanish (Athletic Bilbao), Italian (Juventus) and Belgian (Kv Mechelen) are a shared 4th.

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Goal for Thomas Müller! Fantastic!

I’d love to watch more leagues :) I have only dabbled slightly in the EPL and La Liga (a close friend of mine practically bleeds Barcelona colours. She was watching their matches out of the womb, I’m sure.) Bundesliga, I have been following for a while now. I admit, I have a soft spot for Shalke ‘04. They’re a solid team.

It’s difficult watching matches here in the states. Even with dozens of sports channels, they only show so many leagues. I might have to start waking myself up early to catch streams online (time zone differences are my enemy.)

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Oh yeah!! My team were in the premier league a few years ago then hit an almighty decline. With promotion last year however we’re on our way back to where we deserve to be. Just give us another couple of seasons. Marching on together!! Have you guessed who I support yet?

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Sheffield Wednesday, @ucme ?

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@rebbel Spits on floor….oops sorry, didn’t see the dog there! In the right county at least & no it’s not Sheffield United either. It’s….. oh go on one more guess. A clue, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink used to play for us.

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Then it must be Barnsley.

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@rebbel Nah far bigger fish. Champions league semi final 2001, & then the heartache. Leeds United are my team have been since I can remember.

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All of the SEC teams in American college football.

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@ucme Never mind, eh? ;o) (Could be worse – could have been Blackpool, with their 6–0 thrashing yesterday!)

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@harple Yeah I think Blackpool know they’re doomed for the drop & are just going to enjoy their day in the sun. Good luck to them say I. Oh & less of the “could be worse” thank you very much…....ya cheeky bugger ;¬}

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I have to admit to being a supporter of whichever club I’ve known the most about at the time… although I couldn’t ever commit entirely to supporting Liverpool as the red shirts clash with my admittedly dyed hair… have stuck to Tottenham for the last 10 years or so… well, navy and white goes with anything! ;o)

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I don’t really follow football but I always seem to know what is going on because of my dad and brothers obsession with it. I do have a favourite team though, Portsmouth FC stop laughing!

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And what the hell happened to Werder Bremen? That was an embarassing first game. I doubt even a staunch Blackpool fan expected them to win against Arsenal, but geez… just, what the heck Werder? What. The. Heck.

I’m an Everton FC (though I rather like Tottenham Hotspurs as well) supporter… so I try to stay quiet about EPL season. Especially around Liverpool fans.

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@muppetish My grandad is a die hard Everton supporter :)

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@Leanne1986 Thanks, I feel less alone now ;) We’re going to win someday. Really.

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@muppetish You seem to be doing far better than my team, Portsmouth!!!

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