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How do i delete 1997 computer files from my computer?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 20th, 2010

My computer is short on space because of files that are there since 1997. I have attempted to delete each one, but they are untouchable. These are MSN files used by my daughter years ago. I have installed FixCleaner, but no help. They still exist and take up a lot of space. So, how do i delete these obsolete files and folders?

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Reformat the whole drive. Start fresh.

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Your computer is 13+ years old? You might want to just put the poor thing out of it’s misery, most cell-phones have more powerful hardware than that these days lol. But if you really do want to keep it around, you should follow ChazMaz’s advice. Back-up the files you want to keep and then wipe the whole thing and load the ones you want back in.

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What the hell kind of computer is it?

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My daughters computer was antique. we destroyed it and i have a Dell Dimension with Windows XP. i believe the problem was in the transfer from one disc to another. her old information is now on my new disc and is dragging my computer down to a drizzle. i have the best of everything installed, except her old files. each time i attempt to delete one, it automatically makes another copy. now, my copies have copies and so on. help!

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I’m confused – when you delete it, it copied the files? What kind of files are they? Are they important?

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You didn’t bring over an old virus by chance did you?

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I have installed FixCleaner, Defender Pro 2010 and Microsoft is also there. her files were mainly with MSN. this was her website years ago. it will not go away. FixCleaner cannot touch those files for some reason.

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