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Did you ever have one of those dancing Coca Cola cans?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 20th, 2010

They had sunglasses, and when you pushed a button, a song would come on, and the can would dance for short while.

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Yes, i was given one at a casino. only, this can had other special effects. if the can buzzed or played a song or lighted itself, you were the winner of a prize. i just know this can will be a collectors item one day.

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Oh! Cool.I want one for my collection. I have not seen one. Sell me yours. @john65pennington

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Oh wow, I had forgotten about those! I had one growing up. Mine would shake and spin. I loved that thing. I wish I knew what happened to it.

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I saw them but never had one. I can picture you dancing with it Hawkeye.

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I myself did not. However often times when i’m drunk I see a lot of stuff “dancing” Fridge, cooker, TV, trees…......XD

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I had one, but haven’t thought of it in years! You can still buy one for $45. I’m pretty sure the one I had didn’t cost that much. Brings back memories of browsing Spencer’s at the mall with my friends!

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