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Sexist question, But do you prefer a male or female doctor?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) August 20th, 2010

This goes along with tiny’s question. In your experience do you feel more comfortable with a male or female doctor? I’ve had both and to be honest the female doctors have had better “bedside manners”.

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In general, male.

But when the time comes, if technology hasn’t improved, I’d go for a female doctor with very small hands, if you know what I mean.

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I think I would prefer a woman doctor since I am a girl and I am sure they have had the experience or they know the pain going on. Which the male doctor’s actually have not maybe felt.
P.S I have never gone to a gynologist

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Female here. I’ve gone to both and it doesn’t make a difference to me. They all have diagnosed properly.

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Well for a regular doctor it doesnt matter for me but for like a gynacologist I prefer a female, I would feel awkward if it was a male.

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All my docs are old sexist Russian men, lol – I don’t prefer them but don’t feel like changing ‘em.

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I don’t have a gender preference. It completely depends on the doctor.

The best doctor I have ever had was male, in his late 20s, and Indian. He was kind, to the point, was not even remotely condescending (a problem I had with other medical professionals at the hospitals in my area), and even called to check on me after my visit. Do I think this necessarily mean the best doctors are male, young and Indian? No.

I think if you find a good doctor, stick with that doctor.

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I used to care, now I don’t. My infertility specialist was a woman very personal stuff, that and my gynecolgical oncolologist was a man also, very personal stuff. I had a baby and was cured of cancer. A knowledgeable practicioner is what matters to me now.

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It does not matter much. But lean towards male.

Though I did have a female doctor. Had my testicles checked by her one time.
Decided that I am more comfortable with a male doctor checking my junk.

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And I don’t think that’s a sexist question at all! Just a “preference” question.

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Studies (that I don’t have links to) have indicated that female doctors spend more time with their patients and their patients report they feel that female doctors are better listeners.

Funny that people have more of an opinion about the sex of the doctor than the age.

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Female. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I have serious trust issues with men in positions of authority – I’d much rather have them as my congressman than looking at my body (including my eyes). I’ve also found that since women don’t see their medical license and list of patients as a right, but as something they worked their ass off to earn, and are thus less likely to dick around with the patient. I’ve had many male doctors in the past, and all but one was actively harmful (not that all male doctors are, I’ve just had too much bad luck to want to go there again.)

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I’m female and definitely prefer a female doctor. I had a really traumatic experience with a male doctor as a child, and the feeling of violation hasn’t gone away.

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I have no preference.

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either will do… but I prefer someone who is tall and slightly older ( and not condescending ) ...just so they know what I’m going through.

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A trans-gender doctor would solve any sexist problem.

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As a male I would tend to prefer a male doctor but this may be because I have had an excellent male doctor for the last 25 years. I think I might find it awkward (hypothetically speaking) communicating with a doctor about personal matters.

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I don’t really have a preference. I’ve had both and didn’t feel uncomfortable with either one.

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My GP has always been a man, so I guess that would be my preference, but only out of habit. Definitely prefer a female doctor for female health, though.

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@Void But it’s not like you can just walk up to them and say “show me what’s between your legs so I know if you can be my doctor!”. Unless that’s something they disclose already, there’s not really a way to find them. Plus, the trans-gender community is small enough that there are very few trans-gender doctors, and then you have to see if they meet all of your other requirements.

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@papayalily, Good point, I didn’t give it such deep thought.

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I don’t care. I’ve had both over the years. When I was younger, my doctors were always female, then we switched to male thinking it would be “awkward” for me as an older teenager to have a female doctor, but the last person I saw for a physical was female, and I didn’t mind at all. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care. :)

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Female. Male doctors have always made me uncomfortable. I’ve had a lot of scary, punitive, paternalistic male doctors before, and female doctors have never given me any trouble.

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I’ve had both. No preference by gender.

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I’m registered with a male GP. But if i had to see a female doc then i wouldn’t mind. If i have to make an appointment i am generally very poorly and when at that stage i don’t really care what sex the Doc is.

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I prefer a female doctor in general, but really either is fine. The female doctor I have now is the best one I’ve ever had, so maybe that skews my preference.

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I’ve always preferred male doctors. I have absolutely no clue why.

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I have different preferences at different times. My primary care doctors have always been men (except for when they aren’t there). I think it’s just as well when dealing with men’s issues (whatever they are).

Of course, if you were about to go under (anesthesia), then having my colonoscopist as your doctor could ease the pain, too. She was so beautiful, and as the sedative was gradually setting in, there I was in my skimpy hospital thingy, flirting away. I wonder what she made of that. In any case, she made me forget what was about to happen.

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Are they a good doctor? yes? well then i dont give a fuck if its a guy or a girl. I want whoever can best diagnose what is ailing me and get me back on my feet .

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For a gynecologist I prefer a woman. Somewhere amongst my prejudices is the idea that a woman will have a bit more of an understanding of my symptom descriptions than a man might. I have no proof of that, it’s just something in my head.

For a GP, I don’t care. I grew up with male doctors, currently have a female, and have had both on and off. Most of my doctor time is for upper respiratory infections so I need someone who can give me something to fix that. But also someone who know if it’s just a cold and to not give me something for that.

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It’s not a sexist question. If i need a woman’s doctor i want it to be a woman, i’ll never go to a man for this. For everything else i don’t mind what they are.

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I really actually don’t care, but a woman’s voice and presence is more calming. I want a woman to tell me if I’m going to die in 6 months lol.

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Female. Small hands, easier to talk to. They understand female issues. I had male doctors when I was much younger and they acted like I was just a whiner when I complained that I had my period 3 weeks a month for years and years.

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Pass a kidney stone and you’ll realize that competence outweighs gender every time.
For the record: male doctor misdiagnosed it…12 hellish hours later was properly diagnosed by a female.

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I have found that there is a variety of skill levels no matter what the sex of the doctor is. I would rather have a good doctor. I don’t care so much about the sex anymore.

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Ever since I discovered I have a choice I have had a female doctor. My dentist is male and I feel very uncomfortable around him. I see the female hygienist most of the time.

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I don’t really have a preference for myself, but when my girls were growing up I always took them to female doctors. I did this for several reasons including them being comfortable with a woman, as well as I wanted them to see and know female professionals.

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@perspicacious Oh, I like that last one. It is important for them to see women doing well and not just men.

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@papayalily Absolutely. We now are in what was once male professions (attorney, minister).

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You have female Doctors in your country???!!!

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I’ve had both as General physicians and don’t have a preference, it’s more of how I feel with them and how they engage me.

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I’m a guy but I would say a female. Women listen better and seem more caring.


Indeed – it is quite a sexist question. For most people, I think it would depend entirely on the doctor.

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That depends on why I’m there. If we are talking about reproductive medicine, I’d prefer a woman. For me, going to a male gynecologist would be like visiting a mechanic who has never driven a car. But for all other services, I’d prefer to see male. Unlike most other posters, the male doctors that I’ve visited have been more personable than the women.

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