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Have you had the flu?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (9034points) March 24th, 2008

I woke up today with every part of my body extremely sore and it got progressively worse throughout the day. I know have a slight fever. My dad thinks this is the beginning of the flu, has anyone else experienced this?

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yup… sounds like the flu to me.
hope you feel better soon :)

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I’ve had flu once, thing is, you just have to drink lots, and let it take it’s course.
When I had it the worst was over after 4/5 days but I didn’t feel completely better for another week or so…

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yep 2 months ago it lasted 3 days

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take some cold md

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Do the symptoms that I have (body is extremely sore everywhere, slight fever, weakness) sound like what you guys had?

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yep major ache and soreness

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