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Do you send thank you cards?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) August 20th, 2010

I have been to several events this year, and I even hosted a very special event for a couple that I know. I haven’t received a single thank you card… and I am honestly a little bit miffed. Don’t people send thank you cards anymore?

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I do. I would especially for an event that someone had hosted for me. I always send them for gifts.

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I do. I went to the beach with friends, and they insisted on paying for my whole trip as I am unemployed right now. I sent them a thank you card and a copy of all the pictures I took.
Also, for each interview I have been on, I send a thank you card.

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Nobody here sends anything. They post “thanks” on Facebook. Don’t get an e-thanks, don’t hold your breath. It’s rather sad, really. If someone was kind enough to host a special occasion as you have, I would have extended some form of thanks, whether by post or in person. It’s a generational shift that bothers me.

@chyna That’s kind of you to send copies of photos :) I think I may borrow that idea.

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Yes, absolutely, it’s the way I was taught, and I’ve always loved how happy imy handwritten notes make people. Maybe it’s just we older people who appreciate it, but I’d rather get a few words of thanks in writing than an email anytime.

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It could be generational, I suppose, yes. I am 28 and I was raised that a handwritten note is the best way to say thank you. The events that I’m talking about this year were all for people under the age of 30.. so it really could be an age related thing.

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We just had this question a couple weeks ago. Yes, thank you cards or notes are proper in certain circumstances.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I don’t know that it would be age related. I worked with a guy that was in his late 20’s and I dog sat for him and his wife which was by no means a chore as I love dogs. They sent me a card and had bought me a small gift. When they moved I gave them a gift for their dog to keep her busy on the trip. They sent a card for this also.

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@perspicacious, yep, it’s an oldie but a goody. I love questions about etiquette. It doesn’t seem to be taught much anymore, so I never mind answering a question about it.

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@perspicacious I didn’t see the question. I suppose I need to get in the habit of checking before I ask.
@chyna that is a really nice story.

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Yes, I send thank you cards or notes for gifts most of the time. I don’t send thank you’s to my mom or dad, because they never had me write them when I was a kid. I think if it was important to them, I’d have written at least one thank you before my wedding shower.

With three kids, I end up sending a lot of cards. After each birthday and Christmas, the cards go out. My daughter is old enough to write her own, and the boys sign their names to cards I write. I think my 6 year old will write his own cards after his upcoming 7th birthday. They’ll be short, but sweet! My husband’s family is more traditional than mine, and they place a lot of importance on thank you cards. I always make sure not to leave any of them out, and my grandma always gets a handwritten thank you. I only use Facebook or email to thank people for something that wasn’t actually a gift. For example, yesterday my sister-in-law took my two boys hiking and fed them dinner at her house. She got a thanks on her FB page. :)

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@Austinlad @TheOnlyNeffie No problem that it was asked again. :) I do write thank you notes, especially when someone sends something to me and I had no opportunity to thank them in person. My children were taught to write them as well. Austin, we need to hang on to some of those oldies but goodies.

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I often do…other times I’ll just make out with them on the spot! ;) snickers

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@lucillelucillelucille my next party is for you. haha.

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I always send out cards, especially birthday cards. In this day and age it’s nice to send something special that’s solid. I enjoy a greating that I can hold in my hand. :)

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Most of the time I will send thank you cards. Sometimes I will call the person and speak with the directly. I enjoy writing hand written letters, so thank you cards fit right in with that. I have blank cards that I write in and send to people about once a month just to say hi. I have been teaching my son to write thank you cards as well. I send birthday cards to everyone whose birthday and address I know and I have about 75 people on my Christmas card list.

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I do. :) but then again Im a super nice person.

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I do my best to always send thank you cards and my children are also very good about doing this.

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