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How does Barak Obamma keep bouncing back?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

His name is Muslim and were at war with Iraq, his wife said “for the first time in my life, I’m proud of America”, he has TWO YEARS of experience as a senator and now the reverend pastor rant! How is he winning over Hillary?!?

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He is really good at quick responses that are well done. He makes sure he gets in on the same news cycle as the attacks. It doesn’t take him a week to fight back. Kerry sucked at this.

Hillary is just awful. She is willing to have president McCain if she can’t have it.

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First of all, it is Obama, not Obamma. Secondly, his name should not be an issue for people who are not prejudiced against those of the Muslim faith. Thirdly, I think people like the idea of a relatively new candidate who brings freshness to the table and has not yet been jaded by years in the Senate. Also, I think people are starting to see him as a much better candidate than Hillary.

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They should call him Boomerang Obama.

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Same reason Bill Clinton kept bouncing back. He’s appealing to the better angels of our nature.

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less corrupt with less experience,Abe Lincoln had little experience and look what happened

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Not what you know, it’s who you know!

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You have a problem with him because you think his name “is Muslim”? Islam is just another religion, like Christianity, Judiasm, Buddhism, etc. There are evil people who claim to be Christians as well, you know.

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Live and let live, Thats what I say!

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But this whole pastor thing really makes one wonder about his true beliefs and racial feelings. I mean obama went there for over 20 years and he carried his children there. That’s the same thing as me going to neo Nazi rallies for 20 years and claiming that I love the Jews and running as a candidate to be the prime minister of Israel. It just doesn’t add up to me.

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I recommend reading this synopsis and then if you have time listening the full thing at the bottom of the page with the embedded audio player. I certainly don’t agree with a couple things he said, but I can understand why Obama is sticking with him. I’m sure everyone here has things their parents/family members have done/said that isn’t exactly wise or politically correct, but you still love them and listen to them and visit them. Spiritual bonds are just as strong as family bond for many people, and just because sometimes some of your family members/religious leaders may have made some missteps from time to time, you don’t typically rush to disown them.

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I understand the connection one can have with a pastor/religious leader. But from what I understand, it was just a few mistakes, he was expressing beliefs. I read some of the synopsis and I still see the anti american attitude over and over again… “The american government lied about creating HIV to commit genocide on people of color..”. “The government lied about not knowing an attack was going to occur on pearl harbor” And he believes the gov. was responsible for 9/11. It’s almost like a conspiracy church. I disagree with you in saying that they were mistakes. These were true believes and I can say that if you watch the video, yo can hear the entire congregation cheering along right with him. A scary thought to me to have a president that has been involved with that church for 20+ years.

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Sorry, correction, “it wasn’t just a few mistakes”..

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obama isn’t that Irish

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@jonno Its not that I’m saying Muslims are bad, but he CONSTANTLY DENIES ant ties to the muslim religion when his grandfather and father were Muslim, AND he went to a muslim school!

And about him being new as a senator, who would you hire for a job? Some who is “fresh” and new, or someone who knows what the hell their doing?!?

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Correction (since I can’t edit my above statement for some reason) it is supposed to be…DENIES any ties… Not ant ties.

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well I’d rather have a fresh face than billary or mccain,she blamed the sniper fire thing in Bosnia on sleep,that just contradicts her commercial saying that she is thebetter one to answer the phone and make decisions at 3 am.but then she can blame her lack of sleep as an escape goat if it was a bad decision,obamas policies and attitude towards things in the government and our country are a whole lot better than the other two,thats my opinion

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#1— Your question should be rephrased to “How does Barack Obama weather the petty BS attacks from the media?” He has never “bounced back” from any of the things you mention because his position hasn’t been significantly pushed down to be in a position to “bounce back” from. Last I checked, he still has the most electoral votes, and he’s had this position for quite a while.

#2— Your comment, “His name is Muslim and were at war with Iraq” is painful, bigoted logic. Your statement implies that because he has a Muslim name, he is in fact Muslim, and that we, as Americans, should have some issue with all Muslims because we are at (a justified?) war with Iraq, a country which happens to be largely Muslim. And finally, of course, your huge erroneous assumption: that being Muslim = “bad”.

#3— Your highlighted comment in #2, above, proves you’re an idiot. (Or, let me rephrase that so you can understand: Your an idiot.)

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Im not the bigoted one, the people who voted for bush are. And as to your “understanding” of my opinion, which most of it you miscontrewed and took out of context (just like a normal liberal) to make me LOOK like a bigoted idiot, is completely wrong. I put in my question “his name is Muslim and were at a war with Iraq” was there, because bush is somehow still our president, showing that most of the country most likely supports the war (at that time). And furthermore, I want you to straight up say, that someMuslim people dont get stopped at the airport JUST for “looking like a terroist”

And by the way, you just called a 14 year old boy an idiot.

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Fortris,your a smart kid,I’ll give ya that,but assuming that all liberals think like what u said is pretty vague ya know

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I get you. And I dont think rebublicans dont do it too. I mainly said it because he sounds like a obama fan, so he is probably liberal.

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Thats just one of many groups that support him though

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Still, I very much dislike blippo. Which is my overall point.

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Hey, Fortris. Slow down.

I’m sure you’re pretty smart as your interest in these topics show…
However, just because you are 14 doesn’t mean your ideas shouldn’t come under a bit of criticism.

To be clear, I am criticizing your ideas, not you as a person (though if I knew you were so much younger than me, I probably would have softened my response a bit and said “Don’t act like an idiot”). That still may be hard to hear, but I stand by my thinking: It’s not a good idea to make blanket statements against any groups (Muslims, liberals…)

You can dislike me all you want but please don’t let it keep you from taking some advice: When you box people in with labels and generalities you only end up boxing in your own thinking and limit your understanding of those same people and issues that surround them. People are much more complex than just “conservative” or “liberal”; you should keep your mind open to that—and, the more you remain open the more you will learn.

And, yes, I unapologetically support Obama. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Is he the second coming, the magic man that will solve all that ails the U.S.? No, of course not. But he is the best option we have (IMHO, of course).

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I’m pretty sure when you say someone is an idiot, you are critizing THEM, not ideas. And for the last time, I included that statement because we have to face facts that there are racists in this country who are afriad of muslims because they think that every muslim is a terrorist. Now think about it, if I were actualy racist and disliked muslims, I would just admit it. But in fact I will admit that I do not like radical muslims for BEING racist by thinking everyone who isn’t muslim is an “infadel”, and before you fly off the handle let me tell you a story.

Last year my late grandmother was in the hospital with colon cancer and in the first floor of the hospital, no muslim doctor would touch or speak to her. Not because they thought she was bad, or that she had said something (possibly so, but it’s not like I can ask her) but because she was white and christian. NOW say I’m an idiot.

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are u actually sure that was the case,did u actually go to each doctor and ask their religion or judged it by their names?I’m sorry about your grandma,and you judge people through anger,it just makes things worse,you see things through a negative point of view,in the Islamic religion it says that you treat everyone as if their your brothers and wasn’t because they were thinking like radicals and didn’t treat her due to her color and religion,why would they b a doctor then if you have a wide variety of patients.I hope you learn more through different experiences.your a smart lad with potential

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I guess your right about judging people without actualy knowing their religion. But it doesn’t change the fact that somemuslims do consider us “infadels”, THOSE are the nes I dislike, not because of their religion, but because hey don’t like me.

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Yes your right,but to be less specific u should say ignorant,arrogant,close minded people with no compassion

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There you go! Exactly what you said.

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