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What made you realize that yes, you are getting old(er) now?

Asked by rebbel (31762points) August 20th, 2010

No matter what your age is, every now and then we suddenly realize that we get older.
This realization can consist of seeing that the magazine that you were a subscriber of when you were sixteen has had its 5th lay-out change since then.
Or you were around when Volkswagen launched its Golf (Rabbit in the USA) mark I (the current is Golf VI).
I realized my aging today when i heard on the radio that the son of the drummer of a band that was popular in my teens, now himself has a number 10 hit.
It happens to you, these things?
What are they?

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This giant wrinkle across my forehead.

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My younger cousin. I’m near twice his age. He was the first baby I watched grow up. When he was around five or six, he started reading the captions to the episode of Spongebob Squarepants he was watching and I thought, “Brilliant! He’s reading now!” and then “Oh my god. I’m getting old.”

He’s ready for middle school now. I grabbed him in a bear hug last time I saw him thinking, “Stay little! Stop getting bigger!” Ah well :)

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That alas for me the window of oppurtunity has firmly closed on the prospect of ever becoming a professional footballer :¬( Ah well, they’re loss!!

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After a trip to the doctor (although I can’t remember for what), the realization that even though my body is not technically done developing, it has already started falling apart.

And, of course, this

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I haven’t realized this yet.and you can’t make me ;)

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I felt and looked GREAT until about 48, but…the last 2 years has been an eye opener.

Now at 50.5, this has been the year I really notice some changes.

The menopause hormone zone has messed with my body and energy levels a lot. Mentally I still feel great but physically, yeah…slowin’ down some, more random aches and pains, keeping extra weight off SUCKS now, hot flashes….the usual. Pffft!

I used to be able to drop a couple pounds in a week, now it seems just STUCK….( swearing profusely! lol )

I still want to party it up now and then but if I do, I pay for it for DAYS! haha

I need 9 hours of sleep, zero alcohol and morning stretches to feel optimum.

Gravity is doing it’s thing and I fear it is in an excellerating process.

Lets put it this way…you know when you bend over a mirror and your face folds into a soft jowly unrecognizable blob?

Uh huh….I’ll never be on top again! hahahahahaha

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@rebbel I realized my aging today when i heard on the radio that the son of the drummer of a band that was popular in my teens, now himself has a number 10 hit.

Who? And I don’t think I could answer this appropriately… I feel old at 18 around my peers, but you guys might get mad at me if I say I’m old.

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When I talk to my friend’s 2½ year old daughter, I tell her she has to cross the street holding a grown-up’s hand and every time I say that I think, “Whoa, I’m a grown-up now…”

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We visited with old friends and I thought they had aged a lot. I realized that we must have aged just as much, but I don’t see it from day to day.

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It seems like, all of a sudden, my knees started aching, I got carpal tunnel (that went away) , my lower back sometimes aches, my skin got dry and I’m yawning my head off at 7pm. 7pm! A doctor told me the knees ache because I keep my feet up on top of my desk all day, wasting time, with my ankles crossed and I’ve strained them.
The aches rotate; knees, then back, maybe ankles, then knees again. It’s really quite entertaining. I hope my parts are enjoying themselves.

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Very graphic examples you all gave, some of which (@marinelife @KatawaGrey @papayalily @ucme (especially yours) @muppetish and to a lesser extent @TheOnlyNeffie) i recognized of having them myself (not yours, @Coloma :-) ).

It was a Dutch band ‘t Goeie Doel ,but i don’t think they were ever big outside the Netherlands.
You being eighteen does not mean that you can’t have the aging feeling.
Yesterday my neighbor girl, who is eleven, told me that Justin Bieber, “when he was young , he was much cuter.”

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@rebbel ^facepalm^ Well, sure, who doesn’t find fetuses sexy?

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Hearing the year that different things were popular and then realizing that was 20 or more years ago. I remember the late 80s and 90s really well and I still can’t believe that 1990 was 20 years ago. I’m sure that will only get worse as I get older.

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Getting bifocals and noticing that a bruise or cut takes 3x as long to heal as it did when I was a kid.

@papayalily The cartoon is hysterical!

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True, about the bruises and cuts.
In me, all little wounds don’t even heal as nice as they did, they all leave scars.

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@Pied_Pfeffer And the fact that I cut or bruise much easier now, too.
@Coloma I agree on all your points. Yeah, I’ll never be on top again, even in the dark.

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Seeing my son turn 20, one daughter start high school, and the youngest start intermediate school.

Those milestones pale in comparison to trying to read a menu in dim light without reading glasses.

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The fact that I’ll be turning 19 in four days, which means that this will be my final year considered a “teenager”. I’ve been a teenager since I was 13 (which seems so long ago). My whole life on the internet I’ve been a “teenager”. That’s no longer going to be the case next year…

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Filing for social security was a biggie, but somehow, not as big as Ringo turning 70.

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My MIL once said, “you know you’re old when your son is a senior citizen.” LOL !!

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I’ve been comfortable with many milestones 20, 30, 40, 50. Tomorrow I will be 60 and somehow it really feels like WOW!!, I’m really getting old. Thankfully, I still feel and look like I’m 40ish okay 50ish (IMO).:)

Tomorrow, I’m going to thank my Mom for her great genes:-)

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Here’s one more. I’ve been a Sinatra fan since I was about 11. I watched him age from a young middle-aged man to a very old one and then die. I hated that.

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For me I actually had an incident the other day. I recently divorced, I’m in my mid 20’s and I have to get back into the dating scene. Not that big of deal, I know I’m still young but, now it seems, and I can only imagine later, everyone has some sort of baggage, and some crazy past. No one is simply “Single” it seems like. A lot of them “act” and “do” as if they were single, but it very much amazes me. I meet some girl the other week who was 28, but had 2 kids.

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My balls get wet when I sit on the toilet?

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@woodcutter ROFLMAO!! Tooo funny!

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Talking to teenagers who were born the same year I graduated from high school.

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When my children started having their own children.

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My 38 year old friend ghost wrote a rather wacky book about the Beatles and asked me for my perspective because I was aroung during those days…wince

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The 14 different past surgeries i have had are slowly creeping up on me. it takes me longer to get out of bed. i now wear glasses. i know wear hearing aids and i take Celebrex everyday. my mind is still active and wants me to go all the time. i am willing, but my body is not. i now have limitations on physical activities. getting old really sucks! i swear i will never own a hoveround electric chair.

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I’m only 18, but every day I realise a little bit more that I actually have to start thinking about the rest of my life. Every time see a university brochure, drink alcohol, be home in my pyjamas when my brothers finish school, hell, today I voted… Everything new reminds me that time is flying and it don’t wait for nobody.

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When I blew out my 87th candle!!!!

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@ZEPHYRA For real! That’s awesome.

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When I could no longer dunk a basket ball and running even 35yd nearly kills me.

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