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Do chiggers tend to eat and leave, or do they, like ticks, tend to dig in?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) August 20th, 2010

On the one hand, I’ve got my fairly reliable physician saying that they stick around, and on the other I have Wikipedia and a couple other sites saying that by the time that you are aware of your woes, the miscreants are long gone.

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Mostly they eat and leave. If they like the food supply they may stick around, but they don’t burrow in and stick. The best treatment I have found is a good antihistamine and a topical application to apply that will seal the bites. A warm bath with a ¼ cup of bleach added will help relieve the symptoms too, but it may sting at first.

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Oh my…. While I was in Oklahoma for couple of Rodeo’s, I had been working my horse. After finishing, I remember walking around and within minutes my legs were itching so badly I was clawing at them. I went and spoke to the one of them EMT’s there. If I remember this correctly, he gave me some cream medication and said to change my clothes, keep them away from my other clothing and bedding as to not infest those. Wash them separately, as well as myself and USE this cream, that as long as they had a body to feast upon, they would be my companions! Scared me to death, he did. I was a kid back then and from CA., I’d never heard of such a thing. I didn’t mean for this to become a novel.

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My daughter told me the reason we have no chiggers is because we have ants outside. They stay down by the fence for some reason. The chiggers in Arkansas are ferocious!! You can’t walk on the yard at all in summer or on the driveway! They bite you and the bumps last for weeks and itch all night for weeks.
But, then, we also have an automatic insecticide system surrounding the house. We sure didn’t pay for it!

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Solarcaine (or equivalent) and cortisone cream can help with the itching. Chiggers seek me out, I’m very yummy.

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I’ve been told they burrow under your skin and set up house. Use clear nail polish on the bites to seal them in. Then dig the whole bump off after they die. It feels soooo good.

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@woodcutter I was always told that as well, and since this post, I’ve done a bit of research. It appears that we are now wrong. Young chiggers will bite, attach themselves for up to 3 days, and then release to move on to an adult stage. Here is one of many web site links.

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I tried everything . Nothing could make them stop itching for more than an hour. Cortisone, aloe vera gel, nail polish, benedryl. One walk in our old driveway=say goodbye to sleeping thru the night.

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I’ve heard both too. I was never bothered by them thankfully.

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