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Is it possible to weld paring knives to barbed wire?

Asked by stagayote54 (123points) August 20th, 2010

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If the knife blades are steel, then yes.

Sounds like a cool project.

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not if the barbed wire is galvanized.

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It’ll be like a condom to dentures but it should work.

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You would have to remove the wooden handle on the knife first, wood doesn’t weld.

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You can weld most types of steel together. You can even weld galvanized steel to carbon steel but without removing the galvanized coating first this is a very difficult process. If you do weld galvanized steel to carbon steel your best bet is to grind/sand off the galvanized coating from the part you will be welding.

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Just grind off the galvanized surface and stick weld them together. As an art project, I assume that the quality of the weld, ultimate strength, etc are unimportant anyway. Try to match the rod you use to one of the metals involved (stainless, carbon, etc).


I’ve welded a machete to a razorwire fence, so I’m sure it can be done.

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