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Q: Who sells purses that meet the requirements of Navy regulations?

Asked by stagayote54 (123points) August 20th, 2010

I am looking for a purse that fufills the requirements of Navy purses?

Can women carry their civilian purses while in uniform?

U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, Chapter Three, Section 5, Article 3501.25:

“Women may wear civilian handbags while in uniform in the manner prescribed below. The handbag must be of plain black, brown, white grain leather or synthetic leather, rectangular in shape and designed with a flap. The color of the handbag will match the color of the shoes worn. Dimensions must be between 7½ to 12 inches in width, 5½ to 8 inches in height, and 2 to 3½ inches deep. Exotic materials such as eel, alligator, or ostrich skin are not authorized. The handbag may not have any visible ornamentation, decorative stitching, embossed design, or manufacturer’s logo. The closure hardware will be brass-plated or gold-colored. If the flap has a closure, it must be a clasp (no buckles, zippers or string ties are allowed). The strap will be of the same material as the purse and may have a gold-colored or black-colored buckle. Handbags may be procured from commercial sources, provided the above criteria is followed. Carry over the left shoulder or forearm, placing the top of the handbag at waist level.”

If the purse or hand bag does not meet the above guidance, it is not authorized to be hand carried or worn with the Navy uniforms.

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In my experience, it is fairly tricky to find authorized uniform items outside of the NEX. Purses may be a little easier (I never shopped for one myself, partly since males aren’t allowed to carry purses) but a lot of it really depends on how strictly your command enforces regulations. As a sailor in PacFleet, I probably got away with a lot of stuff that would not fly in Norfolk, and my second ship (a carrier) was stricter about things than my first ship (a “gator freighter”).

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