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What are some movies that make you cry?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) August 20th, 2010 from iPhone

Im really into those sad, touching and beautiful movies that make you wanna just cry sometimes, would you recommend any for me to watch?

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Old Yeller gets me every time.

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AI Artificial Intelligence makes me bawl, but not because it is touching. It is just straight up depressing.

(500) Days of Summer makes me cry.

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I’m a crybaby. I can’t even begin to list the movies that make me cry. The last movie to make me bawl my eyes out was Dancer in the Dark. And the documentary Dear Zachary made me feel gutted. Just gutted.

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“The Land Before Time” – right in the beginning, where Little Foot’s mother gets killed and he’s left on his own… oh my god! That shit is sad!... I was only about 5 or 6.

Nowadays more or less it’s more of that tingling, ‘deep’ sensation I get rather than cry. Sometimes my mom suckers me into watching one of those 50 hour lifetime movies – those can choke me up a bit. “Crash” also made me tear up.

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I’m overly emotional and cry a lot. I’ve cried at just about every movie I’ve seen this year (some happy tears and some sad).

I watched “The Notebook” the other day. It always gets me.

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i cry at tampon commercials. Really, I cry at spots in movies, not a specific movie. Well….I still cry at Love Story but I cried at that as a book and as a movie. Golly, Love Story is my best cry! Thank you for asking the Q…I kinda forgot about Jennifer and Oliver. I am weeping a bit now…

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Toy Story 3 made me cry too.

in a good way :)

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titanic! in a sad way…

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Steel Magnolias….yep, I love that chick flick.
Oh, I know it’s not a movie, but the ending of Lost made me bawl my eyes out.

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Certain season finales of tv shows make my bottom lip quiver. The end of season 2 of Doctor Who is a fine example of this. You get to know the characters so well, and then something tragic happens and then the season ends just like that. But cliffhangers are awesome because they make you hope for more.

Ok, you’ll probably roll your eyes at me, but the end of the episode of Futurama when Fry wants to bring back his dead dog is sooooooooo sad. Gets me every time.

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Usually I don’t cry on movies, but the “Everybody’s happy” with Robert de Niro squeezed out some tears from me… :)

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Is so stupid but, “UP” in the beggining when the wife dies, I could not stop crying and I felt like a big baby, but I don’t care i am very sensitive and that part was so sad

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@Ludy So true. That was such a sad movie!

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@Ludy Absolutely. I saw the movie with my 6 year old niece and she started crying into my shoulder. Made me even more sad.

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@Ludy That’s far from stupid. Everyone I saw the film with teared up. A little boy down the row from me turned to his dad and said, “Daddy? What happened? Where did the lady go?” I lost it.. then I cried again when he discovered the message she left in the scrapbook. Up became an instant favourite.

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Harold and Maude. The first time I saw the scene where they meet, I thought, “Oh, no! Of course she’s gonna… And they’re all… Look at them! Aw, gee!”

And the last time was at Toy Story 3, and I thought, “No, NO! THIS way? It’s going to be THIS way!??”

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well, now I don’t feel bad, I watched it with my fiance, and suddenly I started crying and he got scared, he tought something was happening to me and I just felt embarrased because I am 23 years old, I tought I should be tougher by now, but thank u guys for sharing that with me !

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Wuthering Heights.
Really, there are lots of movies that make me bawl like a bitch.

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Fried Green Tomatoes – when Ruth dies
Terms of Endearment – when Emma wants to talk to her sons
Out of Africa – When Karen is reading the poem at Denys’ funeral

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@aprilsimnel That’s one of my favourite movies ever :) “Oh, Harold… that’s wonderful. Go and love some more!”

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To Sir With Love – I know that it is unrealistic, but it makes you wish that these kinds of things can happen.

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The first that came to mind was Bicycle Thief, an Italian neorealist classic that just grabs your heart and twists it.

Then I thought of In Good Company, a 2000 American dramedy that I watched at just the right time of my life. There’s something really depressing about it.

I’ll let you know what others come up.

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The Notebook makes my soul cry.

(Too close to home)

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You know, I always thought I was weird for not crying at movies still do, kind of. But the only film I remember crying to was the end of Pay It Forward. It was one of the most unfair endings I’ve ever seen.

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Billy Elliot, (also because it was the last movie my mom and I watched together when she was going through chemo), Terms of Endearment, The Secret Life of Bees, Saving Private Ryan, Never Ending Story when the horse dies, Steen Magnolias, Patch Adams, Pay it Forward, And pretty much all the Lord of the Ring Movies because I’m homesick for NZ, .. probably many others but all I can think of now.

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Marley and me reminds me of one of my mischievous dogs.. he makes me so mad but I love him no matter what.. and I can’t help but imagine the day I’ll have to say goodbye every time I watch that movie.. it’s so sad :-(

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I couldn’t think of any recent movies I watched that made me cry, except for Marley and Me. The overall movie is not the best in the world, but people are soulless if they don’t shed a tear, get watery eyes, a lump in their throat – something, when watching that movie. I will never watch that movie again. :(

@muppetish (And oh, I absolutely agree about Dear Zachary. Absolutely horrifying.)

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@cazzie That’s a great list of movies. Billy Elliot is close to my heart (and I hope your mother is in better health now). And I teared up during The Return of the King when Pippin was singing and everyone thought I was loony, but you can just feel the sadness in his voice.

I can’t believe I forgot The Pianist. I was a wreck the entire film.

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@muppetish No, it was the last movie we watched together in 2001. She Died in 2003.

Yes, the Pianist was a teary mess, but I think you can just say almost every WW1 and WW2 movie makes me bawl.

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Toy story 3
world trade center
the passion of the Christ
because of winn dixie
faith like potatoes
blind side

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The Road did it for me recently. And I was caught off guard by tears a couple of nights ago watching The Game, a movie that has increasing resonance for me every time I watch it.

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My Sister’s Keeper.

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The Green Mile. Like a baby.

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Oh, and this seen from Stella

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Tons of them. I remember crying when I watched Step Mom. That was after it had made me very angry.

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@Austinlad if you cried watching the movie, you’ll bawl reading the book. OMG.

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Sometimes I get a tad misty eyed at certain commercials. I’m a very emotional being. But lots of movies have gotten to me. Especially Simon Birch, 3 Wishes, Lion King, The Chronicles of Narnia, Up (I cried really hard at the beginning when it was showing the back story of him and his wife) etc. Some tv shows have gotten to me too (surprise, surprise). The end of the season of House when he gets admitted to the mental hospital. I also cried when Conan O’Brian gave his ending speech at the very end of his last taping on The Tonight Show.

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definetly little ashes, brokeback mountain and marie antoinette!

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City Of Angels
Edward Scissorhands
Marley And Me

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@mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe Oh yeah Marley and Me made me bawl my eyes out. I cry more when animals die in movies than humans, especially if it’s a dog.

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@amazingme yeah me too. oh and I cry everytime I watch that movie

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8 Below did. And some others that i don’t remember now, but i hate movies that make me sad or cry, so i don’t watch those kinds.

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Forest Gump.

damn that movie.

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The Angel Doll – Keith Carradine, Betsy Brantley (2000)

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Eight Below (2006) for sure made me cry! And I’m not a big crier. I had to literally fight off my tears It should have received far more acclaim and I thought Paul Walker was great. Very beautifully constructed and subtle, but very sad and touching. In Good Company (2004) also makes me cry, it’s funny yet tragic, because it’s just so real—non of that saturated hollywood tear-jerking romance or gimmick. I would suggest also revisiting some childhood Disney movies; the purity and innocence of the relationships makes you pine for them in real life and envy them at the same time. The quality of the conflicts are also very real and applicable to everyday life. An Extremely Goofy Movie, Pooh’s Grand Adventure, The Tigger Movie. Avatar also made me cry towards the end.

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