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I'm a happy drunk. You?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) August 20th, 2010

I don’t drink much, but it always makes me feel good and giggly, even. Don’t make fun or I’ll bash you. My name is Sue, how do you do.

You get mean? You get sad? You don’t even notice the effect til the fourth bottle of beer? You are AA?

How do you enjoy your alcoholic beverage?

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If you see me Fluthering late at night….I’m usually drunk and happy. :D

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I haven’t had a drink in 23 years. Last time in 1987 I lost 3 days in Disneyland in a blackout. So in answer to your question, I guess I’m a blackout drinker and for that reason, I don’t drink.

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I don’t drink. I’ve never been able to like the taste, and it always givs me an unpleasant feeling inside, so I don’t bother.

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I’m usually a happy flirty drunk. One of my friends made a pretty accurate list of how to know when I am drunk.

1. deny that I’m drunk…I’m just a little “tippsy” and say it about every 5 minutes
2. dance more provacitivly than usual
3. get extemely lazy and ask people to get me ridulous things that are about two inches away from me
4. tell friends I love them every other minute
5. tell them I love their eyebrows every other minute
6. think everclear is really smooth

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I become invincible and appear to be the funniest guy in the world (in my head)

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That’s funny: the topics were edited. I tried to write AA (as in al-anon) but it only gives lower case aa. I tried twice. Then I wrote AA, which reminded me of AAA, then I wrote batteries – for a laugh. Sorry founders; I know they hate silly topics. I understand. But why not “AA”? And how come “batteries” was left – which has nothing to do with drinking? Hmmm.

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Proactive is acne medication. Provocatively is last weekend when you were on the bar..
I mean sexily.

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I don’t drink, but a good friend of mine is the happiest drunk I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing company. She was tossing back Guinness in an Irish pub while we were at a writing convention and kept saying, with widest gleeful eyes, “I’m so excited!”

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haha im a happy drunk! hell im drunk right now i have been for the last 3 days.
Cheers mates!!

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I’m a very social drunk.

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Yay – @SeventhSense is back. And flunking.

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I’m also happy and giggly, which is the only thing, apparently, that gives me away. If I’m not giggling, no one ever believes that I’m drunk – even if I say, “No, trust me… I’m drunk”.

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Same. Very happy, goofy, and extra-social (and maybe a little extra horny?)


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Happy drunk? That I am. That’s actually what I say. I’m not drunk, I’m happy.

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I beg your pardon Piccard.

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@SeventhSense I would feel embarrassed, but instead I’m laughing. I copied that list straight from the message my friend sent me. Thanks for the heads up, now I can make fun of her!

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I don’t get drunk, but I do get happy.

My personality doesn’t change when I drink, I am just a little more of what I already am, happy, humorous and verbose.

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I’m a happy drunk, since I use booze as a means of escape. But I always drink alone, and get lost in my thoughts, hopes or delusions, or whatever you want haha, so I don’t really notice my outer behavior, since there’s nobody around to react to it, other than my roommate, who’s always sucking on a joint anyways.
In public, on the rare times that it occurs, (Alcoholics are pretty good at gauging and controlling the effect, ain’t nobody gonna get me off guard, lest they’re bigger boozehounds than I; when I decide to even hit the bar or some party without a cause.) I usually talk a whole lot, praise people and get all friendly and all, and if I drink too much, I get extremely aggressive. Not physically, but I mean I get rude, dismissive and insulting. Usually by then I left a long time ago though.

So yes most of what I may derive is from when I’m drinking on my own. I guess it feels like being happy, but it isn’t really. Like an illusion. But it also helps to motivate me and helps for concentration, which might make me seem more enthusiastic about everything, and more into shit. When I’m sober I’m the most boring and unmotivated person you’ll ever meet. XD
Thing is when I’m drunk, which is whenever I can, things feel better and natural so it’s hard to remember times when I questioned it, aside from when I’m not drinking lol. But then I just think about when I DIDN’T drink and that makes everything worse, since I felt more alive some years back than when I wake up every fucking morning today. XD
Yeah I don’t get ’‘hangovers’’ anymore, but it’s really hard even getting a weekend day started lol.
It’s kind of hard to explain though, like I mean anything is worth doing or thinking or feeling when I’m drinking. Otherwise it all feels lifeless and shit.
Ya I know this looks like I’m fishing for attention; and maybe I am, but really I just wanted to slightly express mesself boots it, since you offered the question, and a chance for me to elaborate. XD
Still though, happy drunk! Cheers! :D

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What good are friends if you can’t bust their chops. ;)

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Spikeing those slurpees ey girl? lol

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yes @zen_ and I’m happy right now.
You borrowing a trick from bob_ with your new name, eh?

@Symbeline you are verging on being a depressing, maudlin drunk. Still that’s better than a mean drunk. Watch your step. Alcohol is essentially a depressant and exaggerates what ever you bring to it.

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@Coloma Those dirty slurpees are at fault! ’‘kicks them’’

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I, apparently, am a horny drunk, so I guess happy as long as I’m getting some. lol

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I dont drink…...but I do get happy.

“Come on get happy” Partridge Family

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When I get drunk I get wild… and a little gay sometimes and I dance alot. I know it’s odd, right? Lol.

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When I drink I get loud and chatty. Sometimes a little roudy too. Yes, I’m a happy drunk ;)

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I’m not a happy…

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With @Mom2BDec2010 ‘s post et al – this is turning into a drunken horny jellyfish orgy. Except for boots. But I’ve known you for a while now; anything I can do bud?

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I love Mai tai’s.

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Last mind altering substance of any sort for me was July 31, 1990, 6:59 PM.

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@rooeytoo Wow, down to the minute.

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You betcha, I was slurping and smoking as I was walking in!

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I become excessively charming and happy and I’ve been told pretty stupid…

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In my Madman days, I did a bit of social drinking; it was considered de rigueur, just as on the TV series. It made me feel good for a while, but I always wound up sick and hung over. Nowadays, I don’t drink at all because all it does is make me sick and hung over.

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Happy go lucky drunk or sober. When drunk however a strange transformation manifests itself in that I affect a jaunty sailor type walk & adopt the voice of a leprechaun, “top of de morning to ya begorra begorra”!!! ;¬}

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Yep. When I drink, I am definitely a happy drunk. lol

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I’m very happy and silly, except for a few times when I was really depressed, the alcohol just enhanced it.

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Happy drunk and silly. Unless I just get sleepy.

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That’s twice in a row you made me smile, @ucme.

@Sunshyne276 – Welcome to fluther.

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Thank you Zen! =)

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Im a happy, flirtatious drunk. I love everyone and their mother. “I love you, man”.

I’ve always been known to belt out “Living on a Prayer” (a song that I abhor) and do a little air drums whilst drunk.

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Nope, I’m not happy drunk or sober!

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With my friends then I’m a very happy drunk but alone I go to sleep and with my SO then it’s hit or miss to become really cranky because we have bad drinking history. In general I avoid drinking now unless in a group.

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Drunk jjmah.

Do pardon my French. Truck driver mouth here. Her I am with my g/f. I am the one behind the camera and is Miss Obi. Obnoxious. We just came out of a pub and we’re in downtown Detroit.

Video of shame

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If one is anything less than happy to begin with alcohol just enhances the personality or emotional state that already exists.

Anyone that is prone to becoming angry, maudlin or stupid sloppy should avoid drinking and get a handle on their emotional issues.

Nothing worse than a sloppy, weeping, or angry drunk…gah!

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The last time I got drunk, I was sing-songy. That was a few years ago, though. I don’t really go past tipsy.

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i’m happy sober.

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@zen_ Well now don’t you go making a habit of it ya hear :¬)

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I’m a very happy drunk! (hic!)

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@ucme Only with friends. Can I buy you a drink?

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I enjoyed drinking when I was younger. It does not do anything positive for me anymore except give me a headache. It is indeed a very rare event when I even drink an occasional beer.

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I’ve never been drunk, so i wouldn’t know! But i’ve been tipsy, and that makes me giggly and sometimes a little clumsy. So i suppose i’d be a silly happy drunk too? (i haven’t been tipsy that often either….)

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I wish I was a happy drunk right now. I’m bored.

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i get social n emotional

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@zen_ Sure…hic….just one teeny weeny drinky poo….hic…..what possible harm….hic…...ZZzzzzzzzz!! ;¬}

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I was a happy drunk last night.(well, not drunk, just tipsy) Feelin the pain this morning though. :/

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Guys – drunk or not – help me to push the jelly that rhymes with Shmebbel over the 10k so we can throw him a party. Thanks.

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@zen_ part of the improved tagging—no caps aa, aaa, god, mossad, cia etc

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oic. Thanks, @anartist

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