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How can I make flying easy and fun?

Asked by zzc (1135points) August 21st, 2010

My friend and I, are turning 60, and going to Las Vegas to celebrate! I haven’t flown in decades! Flying has changed! I need advice!

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Yay! Happy birthday! Sounds so, so fun.

Travel light if you can, get your toothpastes/liquids either when you get to Vegas or in sample size, bring a book or something to do on the plane. Get to the airport early, about two hours. Security might take you some time to get through. Try not to check any luggage in, if you can. It’s costing people a bundle to do so.
One thing I did notice the last time I flew, was that you don’t get seating assignments. You just get into a line and you sit where you want to. That might just be Southwest though.

Have fun on your trip! Once you’re past the airport stuff, you’re golden.

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Gone are the days of the classy flying experience where the flight itself was part of the trip enjoyment. Accept this for what it is and simply enjoy people watching and marvel at what we tolerate. Consider flying as a way to get to your fun destination.
Make sure to wear shoes you can take on and off easily and bring a magazine or book you can leave behind..

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If you or your friend are tall, you might consider to ask at the check-in to give you seats with extra legs space.
Some planes have some, in the front or back of the cabin or at the emergency exits.
I always ask (and most of the times am rewarded one) and it makes my flight a great deal more enjoyable.

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For flights like Southwest with open seating, if you want to sit together, you have to sign in 24 hours in advance. This is done online. Ask when you get your tickets. If you wait to sign in until you get to the airport, you probably won’t get to sit together.

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Happy birthday to both of you!

Airline travel has changed quite a bit between 9/11 and technology advances.
* Read up on the luggage requirements for the airline you are using, and pack lightly.

* If you plan to carry on your bags, read up on the size of containers that hold liquid. They will need to be put in a clear bag and put into a bin at the security screening check.

* Getting through security can take a lot of time, but not always. Get to the airport early enough to do it without stressing, and be prepared to entertain yourselves should you end up with a good deal of time once you get through.

* Most security checkpoints make you take off your shoes and put them in a bin for x-ray, so wear socks (with no holes in them). They often make you take off a jacket and sometimes a sweater as well, so make sure that whatever you have on underneath is something you don’t mind having viewed in public. Sometimes, you have to also take off a belt and other metal items (hair clip, bulky watch, etc.)

* Don’t worry if security pulls you aside for a search. They do it if there is anything questionable or just randomly. It’s very common.

* On the plane, overhead bin space has become prime real estate. If you have a carry-on bag that won’t fit under the seat in front of you, you might consider getting a tag at the gate counter and checking the bag right before you board the plane. You’ll get it back once the plane lands, and you can buy-pass waiting in baggage claim.

* Meals on planes are a thing of the past, unless the flight is ~4 hours or more. If you can, eat before you leave home. Food/snacks are plentiful at the airport, but the prices are outrageous.

Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

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Lets face it: flying is so bad nowadays that people dope themselves with ambien to get through the trauma.

Bring a good magazine or newspaper, plenty of snacks and prepare to stare out the window for hours on end. You probably won’t be able to get to sleep.

If you’re seriously lucky, your airline with have inflight entertainment (TV screens in the aisles or in the back of seats), and/or serve hot meals. If this is the case, then make sure that you thank applicable god/s upon landing.

Although I don’t mind flying, there really aren’t any ways of making it ‘easy and fun’. Just look forward to what awaits you in Las Vegas!

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Fly first class.

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