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Does anything that prevents stretch marks actually work?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 21st, 2010

If so, what? I don’t want stretch marks :/

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I have stretch marks too, I was watching lenigirly – On Youtube and she made a video that using cocoa butter or something does help her with her stretch marks.
I have tried it too, but it doesn’t work for me

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I have heard several people lately say that they had some success with Gene’s Vitamin E 100,000 IU cream. I have some that I had before I heard them talking about it. I bought it at Sams Club and as I recall it was cheap. You might want to try it or something like it. I didn’t get much in the way of stretch marks from my pregnancies. Maybe you won’t either. I had small babies though. Today it seems the average baby weight is eight or nine pounds. Mine were six.

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I believe bio-oil is extremely good for stretch marks. See this

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I’ve heard good things about bio-oil, also.
I have never been pregnant, so I can’t tell you from personal experience… but that was the first thing to come to mind.

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My wife used cocoa oil, she still has some marks so we cant be sure if it worked at all, but I tell you she is still beautiful.
I think women should wear them as marks of honour & stop listening to the crap from the media.

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By definition if it actually prevents stretch marks than it works. I know that’s not what you’re looking for in an answer, but it’s true.

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@theichibun , We all know that prevention IS the best cure. Do you have any original advice?

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I heard stretch marks during pregnancy is hereditary. I would keep lotioning up that belly. If you get them wear them with pride.

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Before and after having two children, my wife tried everything on the market, to prevent her stretch marks of childbirth. did anything work? no. she has her stretchmarks and i tell her that these marks are the symbol marks of love we have for each other. she agrees and we just deal with it. you are not alone in this endeavor.

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The wikipedia article about stretch marks says there is no scientifically-supported treatment for stretch marks, aside from laser removal. They will fade with time. I have some that are nearly gone, a couple years later. I used Bio-Oil for a little while, but hated dealing with that super-greasy stuff, never came off my hands, and didn’t seem to be doing much. (Then again, the bottle says to use it three times a day. Seriously?) I just moisturized after each shower with body lotion, not sure if that made a difference. Cocoa butter is also rumored to help, but no guarantees.

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Well, after my operation on my neck (I had a tumour removed about 10 years ago), I used vitamin E caplets consistently once I removed the stitches for about 5 months. No one knows that I’ve had an operation there these days unless I point out where the guy sliced me open.

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Have you ever tried Bio Oil or mixing it with other lotions/moisturizer like with cocoa butter? It may work for some people while some said it was just a waste product promising a miracle that would never happen.Some women said it only works if the strech marks aren’t that intense or that much visible.Hey, you don’t know unless you try it,that’s only if you want to though.

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@john65pennington Aw that is so sweet and really sounds like true love right there. :-) Only if more husbands were that way with their wives bodies(especially if it has to do with child birth or changes over time).

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I heard that bio oil works, but the thing is, you cant really prevent stretchmarks….Some people just dont have that much elasticity in their skin than others…You can minimize the amount of stretchmarks you get on your body, but its really hard to completely avoid them when gaining weight too fast or if your pregnant. Its just a part of life really…
Just make sure you keep your skin well moisturized and drink plenty of fluids, if you happen to develop a little stretchmarks here and there, don’t be ashamed of it…alot of people have them.

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