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What is a women's size 7.5 or 8 (sneakers) in boy's shoes?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) March 5th, 2007
I'm looking for a certain pair of Nike hi-tops that don't come in women's sizes, but they do come in boy's. I am a 7.5/8 women's. What would my equivalent be in boy's?
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According to google, you should start with 6 - 6.5. Of course, it is shoe sizes so it could vary.
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(oh and for those curious, I found a chart here
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just scroll down )
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6 or 6.5 in boys.
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The charts are not helpful. I wear 4 different sizes depending on manufacturer. No longer a standard last since most shoes are no longer made in USA. And there is also the issue of width. I used to order shoes thru catalogs. No longer. I have to try them on and strike out about 80% of time, anyway. And don't get me started on socks.
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update: after visiting an actual shoe store, I discovered that I am a 6 in nike hi-top youth shoes...

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