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I want to get my friend a watch for her birthday Any suggestions?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) August 21st, 2010

For her birthday I want to buy one of my friends an adorable watch, she’s in to that kind of stuff. For example:

Any suggestions?

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Link doesn’t work. Sorry

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Buy her that watch.

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Betsey Johnson does some fabulous watches. Try her website here

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I don’t like cheap, quartz watches. They’re noisy and tend to get damaged easily. Then again, we men are supposed to obsess way too much over our timepieces.

If you want something funky and of decent quality, then Swatch do loads of interesting designs at a good price. You should look at them. For something a little more serious, check out Skagen.

There’s also a fashion right now for bright, oversized plastic watches. Toy Watch ( is the main brand, but their products are expensive. You may be able to find an imitator at a far lower price.

Ultimately, everything depends on your price range.

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The penguin watch is cute, but I fear it will be outdated itself too quickly. I would suggest checking out one of the above suggestions for something more classic yet still adorable.

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Go for a Seiko watch, they’re a good mid range timepiece….

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That penguin watch would be nicer if it didn’t have the penguin band.

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