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Would you open Pandora's Box?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 21st, 2010

Have you ever had a dynamite secret and just held it yourself? You knew that if you released this juicy information, that the effects it would have on your friend(s), would be comprimised? Like opening a “can of worms”? Would you ever tell this secret…..ever? Now is your chance to “tell it like it is”. No names or specifics, just the facts surrounding a secret that no one knows, but you. Question: What secret that you know, would open Pandora’s Box, if the truth were reveiled?

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I’m hungry.

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I know alot of juicy secrets that I’ll never tell…just can’t do it :)

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Well after a little romancing & seduction. Back to her place, tantalising foreplay &........who knows? :¬)

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We are off to a slow start, here. how about a co-worker? something this person did like stealing, sex on the job, or juggling figures in a computer. anything goes as long as its not specific or gives names.

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Some things are just meant to be taken to the grave. Although if my friends start telling embarrassing stories about me, I’ve been known to fire a few back their way.

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Nobody trusts me with any of their secrets

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She cheated on her girlfriend with a man after swearing off men forever – they’re still together and her girlfriend will never know.

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In my group of friends, I am pandora’s box and liquor is the key to open me. That’s why I’m always the sober buddy, so it doesn’t happen.

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A roommate who had an abortion after a one night stand. They later met up again and ended up getting married. I’ve always wondered if she told him.

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no…..i believe in trust.

But I would open pandora’s box on Big Brother.

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Pie Pieffer, great piece of information. isn’t it strange how things actually happen in life? i am like you and wonder if she ever told him? thanks for a great answer. john

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No, in fact I deliberately keep myself distant from most people’s private affairs. I do not want to know secrets about anyone else either. Yes, there is some things that I wish I didn’t know however.

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My brother-in-law told his mother he graduated from the university he attended. He only attended for 3½ years, leaving his last semester.

He’s pretty well-off now, but I know his mom still doesn’t know this. Not sure if she would care now since he’s doing well, but it would have caused a problem several years ago.

(damn, in a way I named names….oh well)

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@john65pennington I’ve thought about asking her, but figure it would only alleviate my curiosity and not benefit her, so it’s filed under “Personal Unsolved Mysteries.”

Here is another example; and with this one, the box has been opened. (My apologies if you’ve read it before…I’ve mentioned it on anther thread.) My sister and BIL got a divorce, and she moved out and bought a house. I went to visit her, and she put me to work doing some painting while she took the kids to the park. Her ex showed up and started to help out.

We were just painting away in silence, when he suddenly said, “I have always been in love with you, and always will until you find someone else.” This came from a man who is 21 years older than me and married my sister when I was 10. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded. My response was none-too-polite.

That one stayed under lock and key for several years. Every time I went home for a visit, I was encouraged by sis to go visit him. I finally confessed to Mom, as I had to tell someone and knew that she would keep quiet. Someone on the other thread asked if I ever told my sister. The answer is “no.” She has since passed away, and I’m glad that she never found out. It might have stopped her from encouraging me to go visit him, but that was a burden I was willing to bear. Their relationship was strained enough.

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