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Great places to make out?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) August 21st, 2010

The other night, my boyfriend spent quite some time looking for a place to park and enjoy some intimate time (to no avail).

How do you, dear Flutherites, recommend finding a private make out spot? I explored the edges of the city – should I have gone further downtown instead? Are commercial areas safe better than residential? Maybe the industrial spaces are most deserted.

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By the airport. Watch out for security though.

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Near an airport runway is always fun. You get to sit and have planes fly overhead.

good times

jinx @Frenchfry :)

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Ooooooh sounds fun! Thanks, guys.

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Must it be in a public space?

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There is an old, docked ship along Lake Huron. We have hopped on and made out on the bow. Getting amorous in the moonlight.

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In a shady corner on the outside of a parking lot for an apartment complex.

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Clearly you need to look for a drive-in theater.

Failing that, find an out of the way place, where a parked car won’t seem strange to the average passer-by. This is key. The only car in a parking lot is a lot more noticeable than the car, next to all the other ones, in a common overnight lot.

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Get a room…........better still(if you can afford it)........get a suite!

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There was a park that I use to go to when I was younger. It was right on the river and I would go sit and watch the boats coming in and out of the bay. It was a nice quite spot at night to go and enjoy being with my boyfriend when there was no where else to go.

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@jackfright For the purposes of this question, yes. Unless you recommend trespassing on private property.

@Smashley I wish we had a drive-in! Winnipeg’s was closed years ago.

@john65pennington I’m saving that idea for a special occasion. But maybe the occasion I’m planning is special enough?

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Hotel swimming pool diving board, springboard works best, minimal effort involved see. Been there done that got the tee-shirt…...wet at that. Oh for anyone that’s interested, it was dark, no one around. Bouncy bouncy!!! :¬}

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I’ve never done it myself but I would suggest your house? it’s quite and you get to be comfortable. If not then you could maybe go to a park, when the sun is setting down, people are leaving, you guys can make out on the bench or bring something to sit on beware of snakes or insects!, I am so scared of snakes, even though it’s in the city you never know what’s in the tree
If driving you could just go in a parking lot and do your deeds.
I have no more ideas. Let me know if this helped somehow:P

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Docks at night, beach at night

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hidden in the sand dunes on a beach at sunset, rooftop of a nearby hotel or apartment building that you could sneak into

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Awwww some of these sound lovely. Thanks, everyone. =)

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@jonsblond great minds think alike.

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Do you live near a major body of water? People in my hood go down to the new park near me. When I was a kid, I’d hear the whispers at school about So-and-So and So-and-So going down to the beach. In particular, this beach.

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I haven’t needed a make-out place in about 200 years, but this question did bring back a great memory. My first girlfriend’s house had a small cellar under a family room her parents had built onto the main house, and we used to sneak down their after school to kiss and stuff. We were around 14 or 15. We got away with it for a while, but one day her mother stormed down into the cellar (guess that’s why they called it a storm cellar) and broke it up. We never went down there again, let me tell you.

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While skinny dipping at night in a pool, river, lake or ocean.

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Camping trips are a great, cheap and exciting way to get away from it all, as well! It can be in-tents! (get it?)

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A kitchen is usually fun.

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In the back seat of a 57 Chevy

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park outside, walk into a cemetery. plenty of grass to put down a blanket, and you’re not disturbing anyone.

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Pssh! Who makes out now-a-days? That’s so lame. Play checkers instead. ;)

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Under the boardwalk, out of the sun….

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A lot of these beach suggestions are great, but I live on the great Canadian prairie. We have muddy rivers and lakes a few hours away. However, a friend has suggested an easy-to-reach place off the highway. I think it shows promise.

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In a graveyard at night. It really isn’t spooky or disturbing at all, and it’s usually extremely quiet and totally deserted, so if the make out session gets further, then by all means, haha.
Or, usually anyways. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s had this idea before.

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Talk dirty over Xbox Live.

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