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What's something that you tried recently that is new to you ?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 21st, 2010

I find trying new food and trying new stuff exciting. If you have not done so lately. What are you going to give a try.

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At my age I tend to say ‘been there..done that’. But I know there is something new and exciting I should be trying…just can’t think what it would be right now. .

Sooo. I guess I’ll say Fluther is the newest thing I’ve done lately. Nice.

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Rare beef. I’m serious. I have no idea how I ever ate the stuff well-done. It’s like a door has been opened to a world of tender, bloody juiciness.

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Sashimi grade beef.

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Just bought a LCD flat 32 inch TV.

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@Hawkeye we’re talking food here, but nice selection.

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@Winters Food eh? It’s been awhile, but I had some sauerkraut the other night and now Iknow why I never touched the stuff.

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Quail egg at a sushi restaurant. Didn’t taste like much, I think because I ate it after the Death roll. MISTAKE.

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