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Have you ever played matchmaker?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) August 21st, 2010

Did it work out? Have you ever been set up on a blind date ? I know when I was single my friend would always say you gotta meet this person, and try to hook us up.

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Yes.I certainly have and have dodged bullets because of it.
Vunessuh and my nephew would make a good pair,no doubt about it… right,V?

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Just once, and it actually worked out, though that was years after I’d introduced the two and they’d somehow moved to the same city.

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I’ve never set anyone else up, but I was set up on a blind date once in high school. It was horrible. It was for the Valentine’s Sweetheart dance. One of my friends really wanted me to go to the dance, but since I was single, I wasn’t going to go. She said she had a great guy for me to go with, so I said yes. It was really, really bad. He was very overbearing and would not give me any space at all. Once the dance was over, I never spoke to him again. My friend apologized. She thought things would have went better between us.

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Yes, I’ve attempted to play match-maker, and none of them amounted to anything serious.

And yes, I have been on blind dates. The last one (about 6 years ago), was creepy. The guy kept putting his hand on my knee while telling me about how he left Wife #1 because she wasn’t good in the bedroom and how Wife #2 got the boot because she didn’t like his child. Yuck.

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Sort of. I introduced two of my friends thinking their personalities, interests, and energies fit together, but I never pushed them in any direction to date. The guy ended up with a crush the size of Manhattan, but the girl informed me that he wasn’t her type because he was too short. I’m never trying anything like that again.

I am utterly thankful no one has ever tried to fix me up with someone.

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A few times, now if i could only apply it to myself…

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I have never been on a blind date and I set people up all the time – I’m pretty good at it.

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Yes; and they’ve lived together over fifteen years.

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I went on a blind date once, but she only wanted to look at curtains

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Once, at uni during my sophomore year. It worked out for a few years. Mainly because I put my feelings of crush for the guy aside and knew he’d be better off with one of my friends. I was having too many personal problems at the time to be a good gf to any guy, but he was a good person and I liked him, and my dorm friend was a real sweetheart.

Otherwise, no, I haven’t matched people up romantically. Connected professionals for work-related stuff, yeah, any number of times.

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Yes. I have fixed up and been fixed up. I’m here to say both worked out very well.
I am one of the lucky few who have been very fortunate on both ends of the deals.

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I set up my best friend and a girl I knew my freshman year of high school. They are still together and I’m a junior in college now.

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I did on Epin or something, I found it through seventeen magazine or something.

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I fixed my cousin David up with my neighbor’s nephew, Jill. That was in in 1962. They are still married, with three sons, three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

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My best local friend and her husband started dating because of my matchmaking. They’ve only been married five years, but they have a daughter and are still happy and planning another kid soon-ish, so… so far, so good!

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yep, they are still married.

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edit; That’s “niece.”

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I set up a blind date for someone once—disaster. I had a blind date once—disaster. Blind dates will never have a place in my life again.

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Yes, my two sisters would always set me up. Both my sisters friends however were not even close to being compatible with me. I do not play matchmaker myself however. I still think blind dates and setups can be a good way for many people to meet each other that otherwise wouldn’t of had met under normal circumstances. This can be a good way for shy people to get dates.

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I played matchmaker to a good friend (at the time) and another friends brother. I haven’t seen them for years now but I hear they are married.

Personally, I have been on one blind date and I was bored from the getgo. The guy only wanted to talk about cars. I made my excuses and left.

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@Leanne1986 I think that I was fixed up with that guy, too.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Did you tell him you had to leave ugently because of a “sudden bad stomach” too? I was so desperate to leave that I didn’t care if he had a mental image of me sat on the toilet with dodgy guts!!!

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Yep. Just recently. Both of them are my friends, and even before I entered the picture, they were becoming really close. Right now, they are an item. And all is well and dandy about that part. The problem lies in my part. I became really close to both of them, especially the guy. Don’t get me wrong. I am not in love or anything with the guy, or anything relatively close to that. But we became close enough to call each other pet names and say i love you, etc. But it’s not a problem with me, the guy or the girl. The problem lies with the person I currently like. It appears to me that he misunderstood that closeness as something more than it is. He thinks I’m in love with the guy, for crying out loud. Is he just insensitive, or just plain stupid?

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@paulinejulian Who knows? It could be jealousy or insecurity. Or it could just be that he is new to the equation and doesn’t fully understand his importance in your life yet.

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