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What's your favorite/least favorite type of weather?

Asked by NinjaBiscuit (605points) August 21st, 2010

I love – Sweater weather, pretty much. Rain (especially thunderstorms), light snow, drizzle, cloudy skies, light breezes. Temps in the 50’s -60’s F, although heavy snow can be fun too. Perrrrfect!

I hate – Cloudless, blistering hot dry days. Where it’s so hot the sky is like a chalky, milky blue from the sun sucking the color out of everything. That and when there’s tons of wind when it’s extremely cold (only when I have to be out in it though). I fair in the cold better when there isn’t wind (which is hard to come by in one of the windiest cities in the USofA.. Amarillo, TX). I guess I basically hate the extremes.

What about you guys?

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Favourite: torrential storms where you can stand outside and watch lightning light up the sky. There’s nothing like it. Shame we don’t get more storms where I live. I make sure to relish in them when they arrive until they leave. I would love it to be in the low 50s high 40s year round if it could. I’m in the wrong state, I know.

I hate: humid, sticky days where you don’t even want to move. I feel like I need to hop in the shower every other hour and just want to stay asleep.

It’s not humid here most of the year, but it’s definitely on the warmer side.

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My favorite type of weather is a tie between two specific climates: mid-Spring days when the sun is warm and everything feels fresh and mid-Autumn days when the air is crisp and it’s not really cold yet.

I love hot Summer days too, but I absolutely HATE the Winter.

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I used to love overcast, rainy days. After spending a good deal of time in what is essentially a boreal rainforest, I could never see another rainy day for the rest of my life and be just fine. I want to see the sun, dammit!

Winter is my favorite season, and I really enjoy snowy days where it’s 20 – 40 degrees F outside.

My least favorite climate is one with high heat and high humidity. I don’t know how Southerners handle it.

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@muppetish Ooooh I forgot about that pesky humidity! I grew up in Houston, TX and dadgum you could swim through the air there. That needs to be on my hate list too.

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This question was just asked.

I will answer this one the same way I did that one. I can find something to like in most kinds of weather.

I love sunny days with the natural sounds of the outside. I love drizzly rainy days for curling up with a book and a cup of tea. I love the thrill of snowy days.

But my favorite are the cool, winy days of autumn.

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I love warm weather and hate cold weather, and I’d rather not have to deal with rain.

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When the temperature gets above 75 F, I get cranky and miserable. I prefer overcast days to sunny ones, but the sun is okay as long as there is some cloud cover. Cloudless skies trigger my agoraphobia and make me anxious and jittery.

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Favourite: heavy thunderstorms. Nothing beats the feeling of walking through the rain, preferably without an umbrella.

Least favourite: humid heat. It literally drives you mad, especially at night.

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Favorite: Clear sunny skies with a cool, light breeze. Temperature between 72F and 74F.
Least Favorite: Hot and muggy. I HATE the heat. I’m a So. Cal girl, but honestly, the city is too hot for me. Santa Monica, CA is my ideal weather bubble.

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Before I retired, Autumn was my favorite time of year. Now that I’m retired I absolutely love all weather conditions. If its to cold, I stay in the house. If its to hot, I stay in the house. If its to rainy, I stay in the house. If its to snowy, I stay in the house. Life is good…and then came the hurricane!

Of all the above, heat and humidity are the worst for me.

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Nothing beats a good Nor’easter, and I miss them now that I am on the left coast.

Honestly, I hate clear, sunny days since I am practically blind in strong sunlight, even with sunglasses.

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In general, I’m like you and prefer sweater kind of weather. I absolutely love fog (and thunderstorms). While summer can get way too hot for me, I do love summer nights, specifically.

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Love: AUTUMN with cool dry breezes. Temps around 60ºF, little sun (even a little rain is nice). And I like to wear real clothes (pants, jacket…)

Hate: SUMMER with the heat and humidity. Temps arund 90ºF, blazing sun, sticky all the time with poor air quality (but I do like thunderstorms). And I hate having to dress half naked in shorts, t-shirts and sandals all the time.

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I love rain and thunderstorms :)
I don’t like when its so cold outside you can’t stop shivering and when my teeth won’t stop chattering.

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Favourite weather: Sunshine, and temperature between 75 and 80F.
Least favourite: Anything below 50F. I do really badly in the cold.

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To the other heat-haters who mentioned humidity: Have you ever lived in/visited a place that is hot but dry, and does that make a difference to you? I find that without the humidity, it takes about ten degrees more before I start to be a whiny bastard about it.

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Vegas is really dry and the heat is so oppressive.

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I love a good thinderstorm. The sounds, the smells. I take my best deep breaths when it’s raining.

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I’ve grown to hate hot weather. I’m looking to move to a cooler climate.

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I love storms and the 60s 70s.

This summer with the heat wave has sucked.
I love winter. I have a nice fireplace.

snow is beautiful.

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Favorite: spring ant autumn when the daytime temperatures are in the mid 60s(F).
Least: summer when temperatures are over 80(F).

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Favorite is fall; trees turning colors, no more mowing and you pop on a light jacket. 50–65 degrees is perfect for me. Then I’d like a little bit of snow; not a lot. I love using the fireplace when it’s blustery out! I like rain but not every single day. I also don’t do well with a lot of overcast days.
Next is spring when the flowers come up and the cold weather is over. Although I don’t mind the cold if it isn’t windy.

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I like weather where I can wear my sweater and boots. I do not care for days where the humidity (especially the dew point is above 60 degrees f). I would prefer a day with a high of 100 f with lower humidity than a day with a high of 80 f with high humidity. Cool, breezy autum weather is my favorite. I like cold winter days as well. I love snow too (except when I have to drive to work in it).

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Nine years ago today, I moved to the east coast. Coming from the midwest, at first I smiled every time I caught tide information on the radio. People hit the grocery store with not only no shoes and sometimes no shirt…but, very little otherwise. I wondered how that would go over back there!

This year has been unbearably hot and sticky, just like so many other places, so it doesn’t count.

There’s so much weather I like…rain is mesmorizing. But. I have not yet come to understand how it can be 100% humidity and not be raining!

Fog is romantic…we experience autumn, but not like inland. Something is usually blooming at all times here. My roses bloom throughout winter. We only have about one ½-inch of snow per year. That’s plenty for me…but, some years we have none. I have enough in my memory to hold me over.

I’ve only been through a couple of hurricanes here. They were nothing like the tornadoes back west. At least you know the hurricane is coming and approximately how intense it will be upon arrival. The locals say we’re in for a biggie, with this heat.

Sorry to rattle on here…but, today I’m so grateful, more so than normal…just to be here. Thanks for all of you.

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Love the cold.

Hate the humidity. If I sweat I’m miserable.

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My favourite it cool weather, chilly and rainy and cloudy, something where i can get cozy and wear my comfy warm clothers and warm jammies and slippers and blankets and stuff. :)

After winter though, i must admit that i LOVE the beginning of spring, because everthing becomes green and fresh again, the air is brighter and flowers are all over, and it’s nice to spend time in the garden on a pleasantly warm day, just gardening, or BBQing or swimming in the pool.

The weather which i absolutely HATE is HOT weather. There are few things that make me as uncomfortable as a hot day (or night) where my clothes get soaked and stick to me – wearing a bra or any tight clothes in this weather is SOOOOOOO uncomfortable that i just can’t wait to get home and strip completely. Also, i get hot very quickly and easily, so hot weather makes me sweaty and i get sticky and my hair frizzes around my hairline and i hate feeling my hair on my neck when i’m so hot. Ugh, it’s just nasty thinkin’ about it!

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